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Lost serial code for the Sims 2?

Hi, I'd like some admin support...I was looking for the livechat but it doesn't seem to exist anymore.


I found this old copy of the sims 2 Holiday edition (you know where it comes with the sims 2 and the holiday expansion and whatever) and I went to install it on this computer for my little sister, but I've lost the code.

I've registered it before (back when the sims 2 still had a site) so I was wondering if someone could look up my information for me and give me my code so I can write it on the disk (and hopefully not lose it again)

I dunno how to provide proof of purchase, especially on a game so old but if I need to I'm sure I can, just let me know!

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Re: Lost serial code for the Sims 2?

In this case, please get in contact with an EA Game Advisor. Choose Origin instead of The Sims 2 as "game" to get to the live chat.

You need to log into the help page with your Origin account and then click on - choose your game, platform, and topic to see the contact options. Please choose phone or chat as contact option.