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the simpsons tapped out "cannot connect to server"

by jewellia

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the simpsons tapped out "cannot connect to server"

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I'm just about to go insane! for oer a week now I can't get into my game/Springfield Everytime it just says cannot connect to server, I've tried deleting the app & re-installing it but nothing seems to work

can anyone please help me

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cant log in

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playing on Simpsons Tapped out on ipod. Closed it as a window and locked ipod. Not long later when I tried to reopen it said i was logged out (even though I didn't log it out). Tried to sign in again. Tried multiple times. Didn't sign in. Tried "forgot password" and it then told me that no Origin account exists for the email address. I have just logged into this website with the same address to ask this question so why doesn't it work on my app?

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Simpsons tapped out origin

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  • I was playing Simpsons tapped out, but the game just collapsed and It took me back to my iPad home screen, I went back on the game and the login icon in the bottom left hand corner wasn't therre, I updated the game just before I went on the game, I had no problems before the September 2012 update, can you please help? I enjoyed playing this game, but if this is going to happen, then i will join those who give the game a bad review as this is beyond a joke as the people who made this game have spent a long time updating it but one update may ruin it all, Isain'tpossible that the September 2012 update is undone and the game is left as it was at a high standard anyway.
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Simpsons tapped out

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The amount of bad feedback and losses is poor,undo the most recent update of September 2012 and leave the game alone.

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Server error

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I have only played this game once. Now every time I try to play it tells me "cannot connect to server". I have deletappend reinstalled the app several times.  Rebooted my device several time.  I am not sure what to do next.  Maybe my account is broke, is there a way to reset my account?

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Re: Server error

Community Manager

Hi bearnst2,


The servers were down today for some time. Can you please update the game and your iOS to the latest version and try again?




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Re: Server error

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Tried it just now. Still will not let me in. It first tells me that I was playing on another device, that if I continue I may loose what I did. No matter what I choose the server error comes up. If I try to do a logoff I also get the server error. What can I do. I really would like to play this game. I have deleted and reinstalled several times. Rebooted my device. Nothing works.
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Re: Server error

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It's now 26th September and still there are server issues


1. Cannot visit friends towns (yet I get push notifications that they've visited mine).

2. Cannot accept friend requests.

3. Cannot make in app purchases. (sometimes it does go through yet no donuts credited)

4. Push notifications come through hours after tasks have been completed and xp + cash collected.

5. Keep getting messages about 'other device' yet only installed on ipad.


The app is fully up to date. I've logged out. Stopped the app running in background. Deleted it. Reinstalled it. Logged back in and yet issues still remain. (and repeat infinitum...)


Every game from EA that I've ever played has had really bad server issues (going backto Burnout on Xbox in mid 2000's).  Surely by now you could of invested that massive pile of cash you all lay around on in some decent IT techs. Or are they all busy repackaging the same sports games year after year after year with minor team changes?!


You take our cash, now do your half of the transaction and provide a game we can play.

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simpsons tapped out: cannot connect to server

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I recently went through the simpsons: tapped out update and was able to log onto my account and play however later when I went back to the game I recieved the message: Cannot connect to server. after a few hours of recieving this I asked my friends what to do. I updated my iPhone to new latest software update. The game still gave me the message, I reinstalled the game and still. This has been going on since Thursday afternoon, so just around 48 hours now. My roommates games still work but mine will not regardless if I sign in to my account or try and play anonymously. Normally for free games I would just delete by now but I've always had a great experience with ea games, and I have purchased un-used donuts on my account. Any support that can get this issue fixed would be awesome, I've read the forums and tried just about every solution with no results. If this issue can't be fixed I'd like a refund on my unused purchased donuts. 

I ran the speed test on my phone in my house (its where I play the game mostly) the results are 
Download- 11.44Mbps 
Upload- 1.39Mbps 
Ping- 138ms 



 Hi, I came to check in on my open case this afternoon as it has been over 48 hours since I opened this ticket. I noticed someone has looked at the problem but has yet to come up with a solution as I am still having the same problem. I appreciate assistance with this matter and look forward to resolving this. As stated before If this issue can not be fixed I would like a refund on money spent in game for faulty product. 

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Re: Server error

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I really like this game, however I still keep running into the "Cannot connect to server" error, will this ever get fixed?


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Accepted Solution

Community Manager

Hi everyone,


The studio team asks you to try to log in again and get back to us if the login works for you now.


We thank you again for your help and your patience.

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