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Says my game didn't save on other device

Comes up that my game  did not save on my other device so I need to login on it before I can play or start all over. Problem is I've Not played this game on any other device besides my iPad.  Help? 

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Logged into 2 devices at once

I logged into Simpsons tapped out on my iPod and iPad at the same time, now every time I try to login on either device it says not saved please log out of your other device, and every time I try to log out or even sign in on both devices it says disconnected maybe if you hit retry, when I hit retry it starts the process all over again 

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Game not working at all

I have only played the Simpsons tapped out on ONE device. i have an iphone 4s btw. I updated it and it is all of a sudden not working.
It persists on saying something like "this game is on another device. You can start a new game" and then I would exit out.
I paid around I wud say 30 dollars in the in game store and would appreciate it if I could continue from where I left off.
Can someone help me?
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Re: Game not working at all

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Hi everyone,


This happens from time to time when you lose your internet connection while playing the game. Often you do not even notice that this happens, but when you try to log in the next time you will see this screen:




Just click on "Play Now". You will then see this screen:




Most of the time there is no progress lost at all. It can happen that you will find some of the Springfieldians walking around and not being on the tasks you gave them. So just click "Continue" here and you will be back in your game.


Please let us know if that helped you!




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Re: Game not working at all

I have the same problem where it says that the game was not saved on another device. I have hit "Play Now" --> "Continue" many many times. It says that it can not connect to the server. This has been going on for about 2 weeks. A few days ago I tried logging in on my friends phone and know he has the same problem and can not access his game(that worked perfectly fine before I logged in). If you hit "logout" it just goes to Bart on the server error screen. Every action I take will lead me to the Server Issue page.


Any idea as to what I can do? Is there a way to just delete my Origin account so maybe atleast my friend can his his game again? We are both getting really fed up with this problem and the Help Center isn't doing anything.



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save to other device?

"Your other device didn't save your Springfield. Please sign into that device before playing." I synced my phone to my computer and had no idea how to do this. Please help this poor ignorant neophyte.

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Re: save to other device?

I've had this problem too.  The first time, I had gotten up to level 11. I started over and got up to level 11 again and got dame error.  Unlike the first posting, thought I do NOT have this game on another device.  I haven't been able to play for over a week and I'm beyond frustrated.  I'm goiNg to ditch the game and write a really bad review in the Apple App Store if I don't get a fix soon.  

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Can't log into my Springfield

When I start the app simpsons tapped out on my iPhone, when I reach the tap to continue home screen a message tells me my springflied was not saved and to long on to my other device first but this is my only device?
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Wont let me into the game?

Im signed in on my phone properly and it reconizes my user name and password but has a message that keeps coming up: ''Warning, Your other device didn't save your Springfield. Please sign into that device before playing.''  I dont have any other devices and have never tried to sign in under anything other then my phone.  Help?

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Re: Says my game didn't save on other device