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My Springfield is back to level 1 - what can I do?

by csluchelsea

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Re: Springfield is back to level 1 from almost 19.... Working fine 15 minutes ago, still shows my origin acct .

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I am playin the game as an app on iPad. And I can't exit from it because it is playin an anonymous account and goes automatically to it doesn't even give me the option of loggin in... How can I get round this? It was working fine an hour ago

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Re: The Simpsons

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"I am having a similar problem, the game says i'm playing anonymously but there's no login button to log into origin. I tried restarting the program (after double clicking the home screen) as well as restarting my device, no luck. "


same here i was level 22 been playing since day 1. I hope i get my game back it wont let me log in to origin.

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Simpsons tapped out lost again!

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Well for the second time I've lost my Springfield! This time level 15... 


After getting the error message that there was some maintenance going on, I'm unable to login on to origin, AGAIN...

It starts the Simpsons from the very beginning. AGAIN I can't even get to origin To login. 


This is ridiculous! I thought ea games / origin would of sorted out these bugs. 

I don't think I'll bother getting it again, it's bloody pointless. 


Rating should be fun..




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Annoyed lost saved game

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Not happy I have been playing this game for over a week have spent money on buying donuts and now have just gone on to it to find it has lost everything and is starting from the beginning HELP
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Yeah I have the Simpsons tapped out but origin logged me out of my account how do I log back into my game on my iPhone?
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Game crashes during startup screen / no login to Origin possible

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Hi there!
I play the game for about two months now. I accepted, that the servers are often not reachable. What I cannot accept, after spending real money, the game reseted! I wasn't able to login to Origin and have to start a new game - offline.
At this time, I am really upset, because I reeinstalled the game and now it doesn't start anymore. After the "home screen" it crashes!
Please help me immediately!


iPhone 4s, iOS6
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Lost Characters after update

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After the racecar update I lost all my characters. I was able to get them back by placing the house or store they were generated by in my inventory then rebuilding the building or store and they reappeared. Problem is I cannot get Lisa or Homer back. In addition to this I lost the squeeky kid. This is an issue because I cannot start the new zombie update without Homer or Lisa. Can you please help?


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The simpsons tapped out

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I have a simpsons tapped account on my iphone tried to play it and it said I had been logged out so tried a password it says it was wrong password so I reset my password and know its set up a new simpsons and ive lost my original one which was quite far up in levels,if I can't get my original one back am just going to delete The game

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Tapped Out account wrong level

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I was at level 18+. Something went wrong with the loging in part and a whole new game started. I finally got back into signing in but now my previous game is gone and the new game is saved under my account. I keep getting notifications from my old game, however I no longer have my old game. I would like to get back to playing my old game where I was at a higher level than 1. What should I do!? Frown

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Re: Tapped out game isn't letting me log into my account

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I had the same issue. Once it finally let me log in I still could'nt get my original game back and it took me back to the new game. ugh!

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Accepted Solution

Community Manager

Hi everyone,


The studio has announced that they will be working on some fixes for the game in the next couple of days. (Read the announcement here.)


The following things are completely normal during such a time:

  • You cannot connect to the server.
  • You cannot even see the Origin icon to log in.
  • The game recognizes your email when you want to log in but prompts you to create a new account.
  • You can log in but you cannot see your Santa Coins / buildings / friends.

If this happens to you, please shut down the game and wait for some time. After that try to log in again.


If you accidentally created a new account or started to play anonymously, you can always shut down your game by closing the app from the multitasking menu and then reopening it.


Just in case - here's how to close the app:

  1. Exit The Simpsons: Tapped Out
  2. Double-click the home button on your device to bring up the multitasking bar at the bottom
  3. Tap and hold the Tapped Out icon until you see the red "minus" button
  4. Tap the red "minus" button to close the app.

We will post any new information about the fixes in this thread:


If you want to get a notification about our updates there, please click on "Topic Options" and choose "Subscribe".


Thanks a lot for your patience,


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