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How to remove friends from Simpsons tapped out?

by alexmaj1100

Original Post

How to delete inactive friends?

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I have friends that gave up on the game cuz of glitches. How can I delete them so I can invite others?
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Re: How to delete inactive friends?

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Open friendslist in origin, Klick on Friends you wanna delete, Klick delete
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can i delete neighbours on my tapped out android version? as the whacking day event is getting silly now

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Re: can i delete neighbours on my tapped out android version? as the whacking day event is getting silly now

★★★★ Newbie  I just found the answer there.  Have to log into Origin and put someone you want to delete on your block list then reopen the game (so it will synch) and you should have less friends.

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delete friends

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Hello. How can I delete my friends I do not want to have in the Simpsons? LG
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Origin Friend lists

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I want to know if it is possible to delete people from my friends in the Simpsons tapped out game. I want to replace inactive people with more active friends.

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How deleting friends to add new one

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How I can delete a friend (neighbour) in The simpson Tapped out? I want to add a new friend but I can because my city is full? My city is now full but I want to remplace the friends that I have for new friends. How I can do?

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Re: How to delete inactive friends?

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Where is the friends list? I've been to the origin page and can't find it and I have a bunch of inactive friends! Help please!

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Need help deleting inactive friends so I can trade donuts!

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I need help deleting inactive friends, I have donuts to share but I can't add anyone new because I have too many inactive friends! Can anyone help then trade donuts with me? Please? :heart:






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how to delete a friend?

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Cant find friend options after you accepted their friend request?? But you dont want them after all as a friend??
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Accepted Solution

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Since the last change, deleting friends is slightly different.


1. Click on the Milhouse/Bart icon on the bottom right of your Springfield.

2. You will now see all of your friends' Springfields.   Click on the Milhouse/Bart icon again in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

3. You will see a black box with four icons on the top.    Click on the fourth one (it's the orange origin symbol)

4. You will now have a list of all of your friends in alphabetical order.    Scroll up to the one you want to delete and click on the image on the left (not the hide button).

5.  Click "unfriend in origin" at the bottom of the new pop-up.

6. Click  the red "yes".


Your friend is history.


BTW - if a friend is non-responsive for a short period of time - don't be in a rush to unfriend him/her.   They might not play for a few days and they'll be active once again.   (I had some friends that were totally non-responsive during the entire Valentine's day sequence and became active again as soon as it was over.)


Hope that this helps.

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