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Answer HQ idea to reduce spam

Status: New Idea
by MorningTimeCloud ‎04-11-2014 05:53 PM - edited ‎04-11-2014 05:57 PM

Sorry if this has been posted already, but i have a few ideas to stop/reduce the spam on this site.


For new users (ranks of keeper, observer, acolyte etc...) make it so you can only post and create one thread every 10, 5, or 3 minutes. This can stop people from making multiple threads about the same topic in a few minutes and creating spam on the boards. Also make it a requirement to have text in your posts because some people just make their question short just in the title of the thread. Another thing could also be adding a captcha for users under 10 posts (but not the nearly impossible ones to read) to not allow new users to spam posts on threads as fast.


Thanks for reading! 


- Branden


The Urbz: Sims in the City

by skystealerx on ‎04-04-2014 05:21 PM

Is there any possibility EA will make another game like The Urbz? Preferably for consoles, or PCs as well. I think it was a really great game and I miss it. :smileyindifferent:


Links to language partitions

Status: New Idea
by Daniluk4000 on ‎04-04-2014 05:49 AM

Offer instead of the usual long links to the different language sections to enter a short,for example:
For English users page will be simply
And yet, when you first move around the page language should be such that what the region page. That is, if the first time I went on a Russian forum, and the language in my profile will change to English. When I first went on a Russian forum,but on the website I was already registered as a user ,my previous language is preserved.


Author flag showing that I have commented in a message thread

Status: New Idea
by goraththeelder ‎03-27-2014 11:22 AM - edited ‎03-28-2014 09:05 AM

Every other forum software has a symbol that is added in the left margin location, where only "hot", locked, and solved flags now show, to confirm that I am participating in a particular message thread.  I want to see that added to this software here. 



I have another idea thread of some more ideas linked here: Click this link


1) Making more options for the personal profile settings page with links for skype, yahoo etc... Currently the only account i have for the 5 options on this page are skype, The others, MSN, yahoo, ICQ Number and AIM are not used by me and i am sure lots of others. If you want to keep these options then you all should add me on myspace! Haha. I think adding more updated social media sites like twitter, facebook etc... would be a nice addition as i would love to link my twitter profile there, If you don't know the page i am talking about i have linked screenshots below.


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


2) Make an option to have a light background (which we have now) and a dark background. Nothing annoys me more than being in my room at night and having this bright blinding light coming from the bright white background of AHQ. And having a dark mode would be nice on the eyes for the late night forum browsers.


Thanks for reading!


- Branden / MorningTimeCloud


Split out Consoles, PCs in Titanfall

Status: New Idea
by goraththeelder ‎03-17-2014 10:40 AM - edited ‎03-17-2014 11:08 AM

The game seems to have made a successful launch, and the forum has been quite busy, however, the Xbox One posts simply do not contain any differentiating markers.  If there was an automatically required flag to choose between, that would also be good.




[Idea] More macros for Marshalls

Status: New Idea
by THISaint on ‎03-15-2014 02:10 PM

Hey all,


Right now I'm stuck at 19 macros - meaning that I'm not able to add more. I'd love macros to be increased for Marshalls. It would be really helpful to help others, since there's still many other information to be added to my macros. Would love see this implemented. 





Hello all,


I've this idea. It will make for us (volunteers) to help people if we had translated macros. For example one of the macro like "Contacting Advisor", "Repairing game", "Changing Security Question" and many more. 


Anyone giving us some proper translation would be helpful. 





This is current issue with the Answers HQ. Some people are having their email addresses as their names. The name you'll sign in with, you can't use:[ ] | ; , $ \ @ and maybe other characters too.


Attaching image below





[Bug] Answer HQ Русский форум

Status: New Idea
by THISaint on ‎03-12-2014 03:06 AM

Hey all,


This really is not a bug but it kinda is. 


You can see that Answers HQ Russian Forum has been added. Under the Announcments sidebar we can see other language forums too. Russian language forum is the only one which has Forum next to the name. 


Attaching image below for better understanding





A few suggestions for future AHQ updates

Status: New Idea
by MorningTimeCloud ‎03-07-2014 09:14 PM - edited ‎03-24-2014 06:18 PM

This may have been posted already, But if not i think it would be great. We all reply to threads from new users with just one post and they never ever reply to what you have said to them. It would be really great if when you reply it automatically sends them a notification on here or to their email which is a setting turned on by default so they will know if someone replies. Its frustrating sometimes when you tell someone in great detail and they never even know you replied to the thread. 


Add more hero's to AHQ, The ones with lots of posts, are active a lot and are an excellent source of information. There aren't many right now, But it would be nice to see a lot more added. 


For new users who first sign in, Have a popup page that shows them how to use the site like giving XP, Accepting as solution and replying to posts/subscribing to them so they know if someone replies. 


Show peoples actual username. Like my username is MorningTimeCloud with capital MTC and AHQ shows it all lowercase. It also won't show underscores _ in people's usernames. It helps if i can know someone's full username because if i need to check their battlelog page for example and if their name has a _ in it, I cannot find it. 


*edit, added content below.


Making more options for the personal profile settings page with links for skype, yahoo etc... Currently the only account i have for the 5 options on this page are skype, The others, MSN, yahoo, ICQ Number and AIM are not used by me and i am sure lots of others. If you want to keep these options then you all should add me on myspace! Haha. I think adding more updated social media sites like twitter, facebook etc... would be a nice addition as i would love to link my twitter profile there, If you don't know the page i am talking about i have linked screenshots below. Screenshot 1 & Screenshot 2


Make an option to have a light background (which we have now) and a dark background. Nothing annoys me more than being in my room at night and having this bright blinding light coming from the bright white background of AHQ. And having a dark mode would be nice on the eyes for the late night forum browsers.


Ill add more if i think of anything good :smileyhappy:



It isn't only the name of the forum that is overdue for being changed. 


Two of the pinned threads are redundant.  One was already deceptive / needed locking before the Beta Test duration came to an end. 


Hey folks,


I always loved playing simcity and back in the days I love simtower a lot as well. A thought just crossed my mind: with modern technology and CPU and GPU powers maxin out it should be possible to integrate all three (City, Sims & Tower!) into a kind of one huge MMORPG.


So the Sims player lives in a SimCity from some other player and lives and/or works in some of the buildings the poeple built in SimTower. These buildings are then available as a special building with a rating and ranking system to the SimCity players. Everything is connected with ranking,feedback and votings so that the players can choose the best building/city where their "accomplishments" are being placed.

A problem with the city players. Imagine someone wants to delete a building (due to reconstruction of the city) the player itself first need to choose a new location so that the game flow of the SimTower player is not interrupted (you have to come up with an idea for the scene change).Or, that building goes into the "stock" which is again available for the community and goes back into the rating/voting cycle.

The Sim's players can then just stroll through the nice citys and enjoy them which are built by the other players. Or they can complain through the voting/rating/feedback system (which was steered by the A.I. in earlier versions of SimCity..) about them when the major is not really as good as he/she should be.


I would love to see that in action, I would probably by all three parts. To have all major aspects of the city accessible would be really awesome!





Dutch Support for EA Answer HQ

Status: New Idea
by Aspera-SuPeRAaP on ‎02-27-2014 02:42 AM

Answer HQ Idea




I was thinking, there is an global English page for help, after the English there came a French and a German version. And as there came a Russian support page. Where is the Dutch one?? A great part of the gaming community is Dutch so why don't we have our own language support page? Is it even possible to get such a page? If so why not get an Spanish and Chinese one aswell?? Lets cover 100% of the world not only 50% the rest needs support aswell!


Evrybody deserves help if needed!!







Ik zat te denken, er is een algemene wereldwijde pagina in het Engels, na de Engelse pagina kwam er een Franse en Duitse pagina en een tijdje later een Russische. Waar is de Nederlandse pagina? Een groot deel van de gaming community is Nederlands. Waarom hebben wij geen support in onze eigen taal? Is het uberhaupt mogelijk om zo'n pagine in de lucht te krijgen/houden? Indien mogelijk waarom komt er niet ook een Spaanse of Chineese pagina?? Waarom zorgen we er niet gewoon voor dat heel de wereld support krijgt en niet maar 50%.


Iedereen heeft recht op hulp!




Koen from the Netherlands


I am not entirely sure if anyone will actually read this message, however I am going to try. Look this is for all the people who make the choices and decisions at EA. You run a business I get that but somewhere along the line management lost sight of what gaming is. Gaming is supposed to be about creative freedom. It allows devs to create a world full of rich characters and environments. Its seems to me that EA has taken some of that creativity away from the developers, changing their intended design or pushing up a deadline in order to make more profit and meet important release dates. However in turn those decisions sacrifice stability and damage the good standing of these developers. That needs to end. Let them work trust me they want to finish their game if it takes a few months longer let them take those months to add on the polish and finishing touches. Sim CIty had a very buggy launch as did Battlefield 4. With Titanfall around the corner I can not help but wonder if I will be staring at a menu for 30 minutes hoping I will be able to join a match soon. The fact is EAs game plan needs to change. Prove to consumers that the company as a whole cares about gaming. Prove to us that EA is not just another greedy corporation that only wants to maximize profit because when businesses look for the easiest way to make more that is when they lose the most including our respect. People want to buy kick ass games .If you provide amazing experiences while being genuine throughout the process; that is when profit will become astronomical. Look at what 2K and Rockstar did with GTA. The only reason why EA still exists is because of the Franchises it has acquired. It is definitely not from your business model.  I assure you that if these developers were working for different publishers like 2K they would definitely have more creative freedom . You have not added one new thing to Madden you literally make the same game every year with minor upgrades to the graphics engine. Take some risks let your devs get creative let them go wild with that license, make it a dynamic experience that I feel that I am a part of. Dead Space is a fantastic series and you add microtransactions? No one likes to be reminded of money while playing a game. It breaks immersion and just does not make sense. When I pay full price for a new game there should not be content that I can pay real money for unless it is DLC Story Content that adds to the world. 2K is growing rapidly I wouldn't be surprised if in the next ten years a lot  of your devs leave and go work for them or some other publishers. In this day and age the internet is extremely powerful it can sway entire companies to back track in an instant.......Microsoft...... If I had some control over at EA I would start a new campaign, I would call it Gamers Initiative. Example: Instead of forcing gamers who buy used games to pay for an online code like you guys did. Reward them for buying a new copy by giving them 10 dollars toward their next EA Purchase. Origin doesn't work Im sorry its not going to be as good as steam. You can not beat them at their own game its time to admit that mistake and shut it down. If you really want it to be a success you need to accommodate and adapt. The Indie scene is extremely popular as of late. If you coordinate with some indies and get their games on Origin and make it a friendly environment for devs of all sorts to distribute content on, then you got a shot at competing. However that is an uphill battle and it did not start off strong. I have several more ideas about how EA could improve its structure and its standing that being said I will defer to you. Will EA adapt and accommodate or will it be stubborn and fall? 


I love all the other features of Battlefield 4, but one thing that keeps bugging me is the fact that I keep getting stuck in extremely short walled areas. In real life, they could easily be climbed over. It would be great to make it easier to jump over guard rails and climb up a few areas below your character's chin like on other games.


Also, people commonly would ride on the sides of tanks if in an emergency situation, so make it possible to climb up on top of and sit on a moving tank as well? I believe that would deffinately add more interest to stay around your partner's vehicles.


A movement option for the swimming and diving in Battlefield 4 is a new free swim. I don't mean a swim to go where ever you want, but be able to control exactly how deep or shallow you want to swim rather than just diving under.

So, obviously Battlefield 4 has it's share of bugs and glitches, etc., that need to be taken care of first. Afterwards though, it might be a good idea to give the players a little something new. Like, give each knife it's own special set of animations, or add in more knives.


Do some neat little things, like in Warfighter (I think it was) where you tapped the soldier on the shoulder before you assinated him or something like that. 


The little animations are things that make the game worth it. If possible include the ability to shoot while mantling. Include the ability where if you're using C4 on Suppot or Recon, you can go up to a wall or door and activate a short animation where you place the C4 on the wall/door and duck down a few feet away before detonating it. I don't know if my ideas will ever be used, but it's always nice to know I can give little bits of ideas. 


Tiger Woods PGA Golf improvement

Status: New Idea
by gwc7705 on ‎02-19-2014 12:04 AM

I have enjoyed playing TW golf since its inception. I have some suggestions to improve the overall game experience.


Upon purchasing TW '14, I was very disappointed that I had to purchase a course which was part of the regular season. Bethpage Black is a course in the FedEx cup and the fact I had to spend more money to play it, for lack of a better description, is a rip-off! I have proposed ways around this, while EA can still charge for courses.


My proposed improvements are as follows:


Have an adjustable season Calendar that you setup prior to each season. Include locked courses that are included in the game, such as the Waste Management, The Major Tournaments, the Memorial, etc. Have open dates, where you can add tournaments of your choice, or none at all. If you don't add any tournaments, they can even auto-fill, for full season purposes. Have a handful of bonus courses that you can add to the season and come free of charge. Also make the Open Championships movable.


A way to really improve the movable championship feature. Instead of buying course packs, that currently mix and match courses and even overlap in some packs, make "state/country packs". Such as, Scotland Pack and have 5-10 courses, or a European Pack with 10-20 courses. State packs, can be all by themselves, or a few states together. California and Florida, will already have a handful of courses for free with the game, but have enough courses to sell a state pack. Why not have a California Pack with 5-10 additional course? Or a Washington/Idaho/Oregon pack with 5-10 additional courses. Washington has 5-10 courses on its own, but Idaho and Oregon may not, so since they are regionally connected, lump them together as a pack. Bad example, as Oregon has Bandon Dunes, but, you get my point/idea. As a Washington resident, I would buy the Washington Pack, plus a handful of other state packs, where I know there are other great course. Why would I buy course packs where I'm buying the same course twice? Imagine how cool it would be to have courses from all 50 states and being able to move the US Open around to different states! Or owning the European Pack and being able to choose where the Open Championship is played.


It would also be nice to play the Accenture Match Play, Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup. Having those to play for in the season would be cool. Have teams selected just like in real life. Top 8 American players and Top 8 International players are automatically selected to the teams. Then you can select the last two players for each team.


I hope that at least the course pack idea is strongly considered. It would be a reasonable way to charge for more courses, while having an already complete game that can be made so much better by choice!


*Side note, it sucks to have to pay for a course that I have owned and played in previous TW golf games. You should be better to your consumers than that.


Forum Moderation

Status: New Idea
by esteticftw on ‎02-18-2014 02:17 PM

I am really, really sorry but I need to say this. I've been here for not more then just a few days, and the only thing that bothers me here are SO MANY ANGRY KIDS/PERSONS with there hateful talk and ohh lord what not more. 

I really think that you have to set some GROUND RULES how to behave properly and give some Moderation privileges to more users who want to help you out. 
The situation here is just not right... 


New Ideas for Propagation

Status: New Idea
by singlenergy on ‎02-18-2014 01:27 PM

If every country have the original site, this development can benefit. For example : 

I am taken website and facebook page about Titanfall. I and my friend want improve and spread this game in Turkey. 

Our website is :  and facebook page is :


This is Titanfall Turkey Players site and  We need some help to share our website and another things. How can you help me about this topic ?