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Registered: ‎09-11-2013

Spore, Windows 8 and Origin

I have recently installed Spore from the original CD using the original CD-key on my new windows 8 laptop.

While the game runs fine through the main creaqture stages, I started to encounter frequent errors when I evolved to the space stage. Basically I cannot progress past the tutorial, since the game crashes with the usual windows 'helpful message', or else it prevents me from communicating with my advisor in order to finish the tutorial mision.


Having browsed for a solution, A post recommended that I redeemed my Serial code, so that I could download a fully up to date version of the game via origin. When I attempted to do this I was informed that my Serial was already used (well of course by me). Basically I am a little stumped on what to do, hence I am asking for help.


Updating the game through the automated mechanism has also failed, so still a touch stumped.

Hope someone can help,


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Re: Spore, Windows 8 and Origin

Unfortunately older games like Spore can't be redeemed by using the origin client. A game advisor however can add your key to the account. You can reach customer support by following the link below: