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Registered: ‎08-01-2013

Spore: Login failed : The code for this installation is invalid and cannot be used...

I am receiving the following error when trying to register my game:


"The code for this installation is invalid and cannot be used to link this product with your account."


I have spoken to not but one but THREE seperate customer service agents regarding this issue. The first two at least appeared to help and both ASSURED me that they had fixed the issue after the changes that they made and asked me to redownload and reinstall the game through the Origin application before ending the chat. Both times I received the same error.


The third customer service agent tried to help then directed me to another help section stating:

"Please follow the steps mentioned in this article and your issue will be resolved.

I am 100% sure with it."


The link itself was useless and was infact a page that I had already looked at before contacting customer services. When I pointed out that the link on this page: just leads me to an error page, the agent stated:

"Alright! Let me escalate the issue"


Before promptly closing the chat and closing the issue itself (which I found out soon after by email notification). Suffice to say that I am NOT happy with the customer service provided and STILL require help my issue (see beginning of this post).