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how do i change the age on my ea account

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Hi, my name is Josh and I was wondering if you would be able to answer my little problem. I have played Skate 3 for maybe under a year now and my parents trust me to higher the age on my ea account so I can play Skate 3 online with my friends. I was so excited until I could'nt figure out to do it. Please if you have the time answer my question.


Thank You



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Re: how do i change the age on my ea account



Are you playing on a XBOX 360 console?

Also is that the message you see: Error "Underage Account" when trying to access to the online feature?


If you're receiving an error restricting you from access to areas--or the entirety--of your any of your games due to any sort of "Underage Error," this is caused by a problem with the Date of Birth on your Xbox LIVE account, which was entered during registration.

Unfortunately, our team is unable to assist with errors of this nature as they originate with your Xbox and its configuration, rather than the game being played.

For more information on Xbox LIVE online safety and privacy settings and child account settings (set by Xbox for users under the age of 18), please go here.

Please know that changing the parental permissions and other settings does not guarantee access to the servers, as Xbox may still deny access based on the age on the account. For further assistance or information regarding this error, please contact Xbox Support.




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