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Connecting to console



Iam just wondering how to connect a ea acount to skate 3. It has being happening for ages and always says unable to connect to ea servers. i would just want to know how to fix this problem.


Thank you,

from user.


P.S: this is via xbox 360 

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Re: Connecting to console

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Hello twiddlesticks223



Maybe this information below can help you fixing this issue.

There are some verification that you should do first to identify this error, since you said this situation persists since a while now, this is maybe due to a network hardware that is not in the compatible hardware list.

Maybe you can confirm that. I added an article to help you with this issue.


  • Losing Connection to EA Servers



    If you are having troubles connecting, or losing connection to our EA servers, please read the information below. This information below should help you understand how your internet connection works and how you can work with settings to make it better.

    NAT type is one of the single most important and most overlooked aspects to a quality online gaming experience.

    Learning how NAT type works and how to forward your router/firewall’s ports correctly will save you countless hours of headaches trying to understand why your connection isn’t as strong as it could be. 


    While sudden disconnects can occur for a variety of reasons, a good way to gauge whether it is your internet connection or something else is by paying attention to your Xbox LIVE/PSN connectivity as well. If you’re having to sign back on, or losing connection to your party/VOIP session, then the problem is likely coming from NAT/firewall or ISP restrictions.


    First things first. Are you using a Microsoft/Sony suggested router? The Microsoft and Sony support pages have a wealth of information on how to properly set up your console in your home network (including lists of recommended router types).


    If you’re using a wireless router connection and experiencing connectivity issues, try plugging your console directly into the router. There are many reasons that wireless connectivity can suddenly drop but the easiest way to be sure that it ISNT your wireless connection, is to see if the problem persists after your console is directly connected with an Ethernet cable. If you’re wireless savvy you can try changing your wireless channel (refer to your router instructions for additional info).


    If you’re directly connected to your router and still experiencing connectivity issues the problem is more than likely, your NAT type. The easiest and most simple way around these issues is to enable UPnP or Universal Plug-n-Play.


    1. First, you need to access your router’s config page to see if it supports UPnP.  (Router config pages can usually be found on any literature that came with the device, or even the manufacturers website.)
    2. Usually this is a separate portion of the config page that allows the user to check or uncheck a UPnP box (enable or disable). Once you find this box, enable UPnP and back out.
    3. Save your config page changes and reboot your console. Performing a Network test now should reveal that you NAT is open (the optimal Online gaming condition)
    4. Play through a full game to see if the problem persists

    If you are directly connected to your router, do NOT have UPnP capabilities (or it didn’t work to enable UPnP) and are still experiencing connectivity issues the problem is still, more than likely, your NAT type- only it is now slightly harder to fix. The process and exact steps of forwarding your ports will vary depending on the make and model of your router but in depth tutorials can be found here. 

    The steps for Ps3 are exactly the same except you would change the specific port numbers to-
    UDP 3659
    UDP 6000
    TCP 9946   
    TCP 42100
    TCP 13000 -> 13100


    After forwarding your ports, always make sure to save your config page changes and reboot your kit to ensure that settings are taking effect.

    If you are still experiencing problems with disconnects contact your ISP support line to see if setting up a ‘DMZ’ is the right option for you.

    (Always take care when exploring this option as it could potentially open your network to unwanted communication.)


    If you’ve exhausted all NAT options and still find yourself disconnecting from the EA servers- write down every step/action you take on the way to the point of disconnect (make a note of any special settings/options you have personalized in the game) and communicate the problem to an appropriate forum thread.


    EA employees are constantly monitoring and researching community issues. The more thoroughly researched and reported the issue, the quicker the fix can be put together.




  • Issues Connecting Online with Xbox 360


    Below, you can find a troubleshooting guide to help you resolve any issues you might have with online game play on the Xbox 360 console. We recommend following each step in order, for better troubleshooting.

    Step 1

    If you are using a wireless connection to access the Internet on your Xbox 360 console, try connecting directly to your Cable or DSL modem. If you are using a router, check to make sure that the router you are using is officially supported by Xbox Live.

    Step 2

    If your DSL or Cable modem connects directly to your Xbox already, try power cycling the modem itself. This means unplugging the modem from the wall, waiting one or more minutes and then plugging it back in. Restart the system and try again.

    Step 3

    Corrupt files that are stored in your cache can also conflict with connecting to online servers.

    To clear your console's cache:

    1. From the dashboard, click on My Xbox.
    2. Select System Settings.
    3. Select Storage.
    4. Highlight Hard Drive Device.
    5. Press Y to select Device Options, then Clear System Cache.
    6. Reboot your console.

    Step 4

    If clearing your cache did not solve the connection issues, you will want to redownload the updates for the game. NOTE: Not all games have a Title Update File.

    1. From the Dashboard, click on My Xbox.
    2. Select System Settings.
    3. Select Storage.
    4. Select Hard Drive Device by pressing A.
    5. Select Games and Apps.
    6. Select Game Title.
    7. Delete Title Update File.
    8. Restart Game.
    9. Download the update when prompted.

    Step 5

    If all the steps below did not solve your issues, check to make sure that the ports specific toXbox Live are opened up on your Internet Service Provider's end. These are the ports that need to be open in both incoming and outgoing directions:

    • UDP Ports: 53, 88, 3074
    • TCP Port: 53, 80, 3074

    We recommend contacting your Internet Service Provider or Router/Modem manufacturer for information on how to open ports, or make adjustments to your home network.


    Step 6
    Please follow the steps listed here to Check and Change Privacy Settings for Xbox 360

    If you are still experiencing connection issues, Microsoft has a diagnostics tool that you might want to use. Detailed instructions can be found at the links provided below. If you have any issues or need help with these instructions, please contact Microsoft at 1-800-4MY-XBOX.

    1. Assistance on connection errors with your Xbox system.
    2. Assistance on connection errors with your Xbox 360 system.

    If clearing your cache did not solve the connection issues, you may want to clear your saved games files next. Corrupted saved game files or rosters can sometimes interfere with your online connection. To remove saved game files or roster updates follow the steps below:

    Warning: Once a saved game is deleted it is non-recoverable. 

    1. Start your console with the game disc out so it launches into the Xbox Dashboard.
    2. Select the System blade.  
    3. Select Memory and press the A button.
    4. Select Games and press the A button.
    5. Select the EA title and press the A button.
    6. Delete all saved game files for that specific EA title.
    After following these steps launch your game again and try to go online.



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Connecting to EA

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