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skate 3 custom logo creation

by goodall1504

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skate 3 custom logo creation

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Am I no longer able to create custom team logos for my game? if I am where do I do so?

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skate 3

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I just repurchased Skate 3 due to the fact I could customize logos and such, Now I feel RIPPED OFF!!! I will never purchase another installment of this game and now I'm out the cash I payed for it, I have no interest in the game without the customizing...Yet you still continue to sell it?? unbelievable


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Re: skate 3

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and they keep saying in the game that thers a link so evry time i played it iam really freaking out too Teeth bared

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Re: skate 3

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guys calm the * own its a fun game


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Re: skate 3

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Ea just mest up once and I'm mad that before the up date u had to have the same thing like disk to play with disk like wow

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Re: skate 3 custom logo creation

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Re: skate 3

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Creator logo=glicht grip in skate 3
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