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Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

by inque

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Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

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Long loading times, bugged system (streetcar bug), map bug ....this game is getting worst everyday .

I'm playing not network gamesbtw .....if your server is full my "non-network" game is still stuck inside that server ....asking me to switch to another server is like asking me to accept your bad service and product and going to another EA sever which has the same bad service and product ....i say WTF **bleep** people are not waking up !!!! heard the hundreds of screams and rants about your bad service and product ................give the people what they want ...........OFFLINE NOW!!!!!!

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Re: Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

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Google is youre best friend .
Maybe this wont help, but  keep searching for awnsers.  it can be plugins or ur slow computer haha. what i did find was this

Long load times indicates poor disk maintenance or very slow disk hardware. My system loads SC4 very quickly considering that I pull in an operating system layer in order to run any windows program.

By poor disk maintenance I mean that users do not understand NTFS very well. NTFS creates multiple extent files frequently, and with SimCity's city tiles very often. When a file doesn't fit in its previous space, NTFS will create one or more extents linked to the original to accommodate the larger file. This can often mean much more disk activity just to get one file than one simple seek/read.

The cure for this is in two parts:

  • Run disk clean-up. This finds and releases junk and temporary files, including cleaning out the trash bin.
  • Run disk defragmenter. This consolidates multi-extent files into one piece, eliminating the multiple seek/reads to get a single file.

Neither one of these programs is blindingly fast. In fact, if you've never done it on your machine, it might be well to do each one overnight the first time, disk clean-up first. Then once a week at least. They are much faster on a well-maintained system. Watching grass grow is more interesting that watching either of these programs run.

To access these tools, right click on the image of the disk drive in My Computer and select the appropriate button. Stand well back. You cannot run anything else on your machine while these run. Best time to run is just as you go to bed.

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Re: Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

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Go get a new ssd. In long time HDD was the bottleneck in a system. Try and see this. You got 1000 people that's need to get out of a door, the door is only big enough to let one man out at a time. See that's take a lot of time to get 1000 people out. And that's the same whit a computer. Every thing has to match, so nothing slows it down!

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Re: Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

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Something else is wrong. My game's on an SSD and I'm getting 5 minute load times for some of my cities.

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Re: Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

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What he said by "very long load" is the unlimited loadings 'cause the connection fail when you try to connect to your town or other town, i load every map in 5-6sec but sometimes it stuck on loading (wait 15min) and style nothing, okay loading message are funny but when u red them 56 times ... Soooo connection probleme, but not loading problemes, thanks Wink


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Re: Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

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I have certain cities that haven't loaded in less than 5 minutes for DAYS. There's a bigger problem here than just server status.

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Re: Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

[ Edited ]
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My load times are getting extremely long once my population gets over 200k, and once I have four cities or so in a region the long load times start to apply to all of them. Switching between cities in a region is out of the question.


I'm not talking just 5 or 10 minutes, my load times are easily in excess of 30 minutes. One city took over an hour before successfully loading in. Another I left it sit on the loading screen for over 3 hours without ever getting in, if there were at least a progress bar I would know if it is making progress at all.


I could put up with a 15 minute load time, but what makes this intollerable is the constant crashing out of my city to the main menu forcing me to wait to reload again. Adding insult to injury is the times I wait 30 minutes for a city to load just to get the "cannot load" error.


 edit: my computer is quite new, very high end, up-to-date drivers and well maintained.... the problem has nothing to do with my computer.

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Re: Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

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Today after adding the international airport in the greatworks my load times between cities is getting worse every minute. I have a fresh win7 install running on a SD drive so it is not the hardware but the software or network... wtf is going on EA?
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Re: Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

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I agree. I play some heavy games on my PC. i havent played SC since june of 13 so i expected some/many updates. But i have now been looking at this thing at 80% for going on 3 hours now. SERIOUSLY?!?! I should just play something else. I figured id play this because i hadnt in some time. UGH. NOBODY has 3 hours to wait for ANYTHING

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Re: Simcity takes too long to load ???? WTF!!!!!

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You gotta be joking. So 3 hour load times are ok? Its not ok for me! Worse yet, it seems that it disconnects all the time too, causing another 3 hour wait. I'll admit that the region is in the top X of population, but it also explains how it got there; everyone else bailed when load times went through the roof.


WTF make a region that can't be played? Nobody noticed? Its got something to do with the saved games and I could probably make incremental progress by clearing out the ecodata folder each time, but why? 


I bought the original simcity one one floppy disk, but I've about had it with this one.


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