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SimCity Discount Promo Code

by MrFub

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SimCity Discount Promo Code

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So I pre-ordered the new SimCity game, received my code, followed the instuctions to redeem it on , picked out my games totaling $30, went to checkout and enter the code but when I entered it nothing happened and the code did not take off $20. Very disappointed.

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Re: SimCity Discount Promo Code

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sad thing is I spent time waiting for agent to show up to chat, off the bat, the person want me to call in and brush me off without even actually trying to help me..... I hope there're more sims a like more games out there to play. I was about to spent $100 to buy the whole set of sims 3 for my cousin ... Now I regard i even bought simcity .. highly anticipated game but hope not like Diablo 3 big disappointment.  well thats my 2 cents

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Re: SimCity Discount Promo Code

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If you looked at the fine print, the promo is only availiable in the US and Canada. If you're not there, well, sorry Confusedmileysad:

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Re: SimCity Discount Promo Code

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Funny thing is that the Dutch version of Origin store tells me the voucher is available in 'The Netherlands' only, while the English version says it is available in 'US and Canada'. Seems to me that the voucher generally is available to you when you read about the offer in a different language. :-)


Unfortunately the code doesn't work for me either.

I have contacted EA for an explanation.

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Re: SimCity Discount Promo Code

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so i tried to figure this out for a while myself and eventually figured out that only certain games are "approved" for this promo. the $20 are automatically deducted if you have at least $30 of the approved games for the promo, so go to that website and pick from those games only :/ ... I wanted The Cave

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