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Re: Region Not Sharing Resources / Status Checks between cities

by EA_Dennis

Original Post

Re: Commuting broken?

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It could be one of a few things:

1.) I think they disabled (for a short time) intercity commerce when they were applying the hotfixes to the servers. (A friend and myself were just playing and did the exact same thing and it worked)

2.) The workforce requirement and the actual workforce don't match. What I'm saying here is, if you have high tech industrial, you need educated middle to high class workers. If its all "dirty" (low class) industrial, you need all low class. If it's a mix, you need a mix.

3.) (Unsure if this is true or not) If you own both cities, the residents wont commute because the city is inactive whilst you're playing the other. (Once again, I doubt this is true but I've heard it before.... It doesn't seem to happen to me when my friend is offline, my people still commute to his cities.)

If I were you, I'd restart. (I know, that sucks), but with all of the patches coming out and all of the server interruptions, it could have affected your region somehow. I had an incident where all of the trade between my cities was broken due to the new patch, restarting the region fixed it all.

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Re: Commuting broken?

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Server issues (I hope). Even EA will fix the servers before a significant gameplay patch can be provided.

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Issues with region play

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After the update, I've starte to experience a few issues with regional play in Simcity,


I'm playing in the Reflection Atoll region where every region appears to be connected through the highway


The issues I'm experiencing are:

- Not being able to send a money gift to the other region. I send around $1million to my other city, the money got deducted but nothing arrived when I loaded the city that was suppose to recieve (had the same issue since release of the game)

- A new issue I now experience is that the city hall modules that I have in one city are not recognized in my other city. Like for the utilities, it says that the filtration station is not approved because there is no utilities department in the region even though there is one that exists in the other city.

- Another issue that I just started to experience is that I cant send electricity nor water through the regional highway. Like I have the option and I can buy electricity but I do not recieve anything.


Btw, the two cities that are concerned in that region are: Ingot Landing and Grand Haven 

Thank you


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Re: Region Not Sharing Resources / Status Checks between cities

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Community Manager

Hi everyone,


I've merged all your posts into this thread, so it's easier for all of us to find the information and to follow up on this.


We are aware that the interactivity between cities is currently not working as expected on all servers and we are already looking into this.

I apologize for this inconvenience and I will update you as soon as I have more information available.


Thank you for your continued patience and understanding while we are working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible.


Latest update:

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Re: Issues with region play

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I've been experiencing the same issues. I was playing with my boyfriend in Whitewater valley. 


City Hall mods were not region-wide. 

I could not purchase resources from his city. 

I had a surplus of workers and he had a surplus of jobs that my residents would not commute to fill. 


Is this an issue with servers? Or something else?

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Re: Issues with region play

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Dont worry, if it did synch and you could commute this happens:



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Gifting and townhall upgrade issues

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Gifting not working, tons of money I've sent to another city just disappears. Townhall department upgrades not shared throughout the region. Anyone else experienceing this??

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Simoleon's not gifting to other city in region?

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I tried to transfer a total of 210k to my other city.  I watch the animation of the money being gotten and returned to gifted city, but once I go back to that city, there is no gifted money in the treasury.  Also, seeing an issue with shared resources not being delivered as well.

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Re: Region Not Sharing Resources / Status Checks between cities

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Yep, same problem here. No services, no water, sewage, power, money, nothing. The govt. dept's don't work for the region either.

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Re: Issues with region play

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Im having the same issues, I cannot send gifts, share resources etc. I even have this issue between two cities that I have claimed for myself within the region. I can send gifts and police cars, fire trucks etc, but they never arrive in the other city. I cant buy power or export garbage - very annoying.


Looking forward to seeing this fixed as its a core gamplay feature.

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