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Laboratory Outbreak Achievement

by someguy867

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Laboratory Outbreak Achievement

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EA community,


I have been hard at work trying to unlock the Laboratory Outbreak Achievement. However, I cannot unlock it. I followed all of the steps and I have a hospital with a diagnostic lab that is NOT in sandbox mode and I also have 15+ deaths per day. I have no clue what I am doing wrong, but I was, ironically, able to unlock the earthquake disaster in the exact same game by using an ore mine.


Please help and thanks!

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Re: Laboratory Outbreak Achievement

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I dunno I can't get this one either.

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Re: Laboratory Outbreak Achievement

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I think the 15 deaths have to be caused by a disease to get it. Pump some dirty water into your city and turn off the hospital for a while until you got a lot of sick people and a lot of deaths, then turn the hospital back on.

That's how I got it.

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Re: Laboratory Outbreak Achievement

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Oh, that would make sense. I will try the 15 deaths by disease only and then re-address the issue.

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Re: Laboratory Outbreak Achievement

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I've got the lab and over 15 deaths and I've tired th polluted water and I still haven't got the achievement help
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