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Compiled Bugs List.

by Codewow

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Compiled Bugs List.

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Collaborative publicly editable list of issues:




World (City) Issues:


- Street car tracks "Not Connected" when they are. (Thread going into more detail.)
Placing road can sometimes bug out and causes it to be built under water.

Zone Issues:
- Infinite demand for medium wealth residence
- Instant High-Density: Destroying [Avenues] will cause the area to become instantly prone to high-density.
- Buildings sometimes are constructed on top of each other.
- Commercial buildings don't need industrial for freight.
- Residential zoning bug -
- Industrial Zones leave pieces around that can't be removed, nor can anything be built on that spot.

AI Issues:
- Service AI not being very efficient (Ex. 10 Firetrucks fighting a single fire)
- Hazmat Fire Trucks do not respond to hazmat fires.
- More sims move in, don't work then run out of money even though jobs are available.
- Fire Helicopter & MaxisMan not being able to extinguish fires. They sometimes "bounce" on the intended target without extinguishing the fire. This tends to happen on larger buildings
- Highway: Cars coming into and out-of the city prefer a single lane.
- Buses, when full, will stop at a station that is full, unload, load, move forward slightly, then repeat.
- All service vehicles will not cross bridges/ramps.
- Regular firetrucks put out HazMat fires.
- 'Dumb' Traffic AI. (Video showing lack of intelligence.)   Addressed:
- Tourists get trapped inside streetcar stations and fill them up.  Streetcars will not pick them up, they just stop and then leave again.
- Maxisman can't drop thief off at the police station.
- Tourists ignore tourist attractions, and hang around the industrial zone walking in circles.

Eco Issues:
- Water Tables not replenishing from rain fall
- Water & power sometimes take forever to fully saturate a city.
- Radiation does not disappear, but may increase with intensity.
- High traffic on roads possibly causing sewage backup?

Economy Issues:
- Trade Depot paying double the price for half the load (YouTube Video Proof)
- Over-exaggerated profits from Processor plant.
- Profit from casinos not applying to treasury funds. (Thread going into more detail)

Graphical Issues:
- Buildings will sometimes blink.
- Screen goes black when in the bulldoze menu.
- Water is completely black if not watching from the right angle?

Black Screen O' Death -



Resource Issues:
- Recycling plant doesn't produce (alloy, plastic, metal) either fast enough or at all.
- Trade centers won't always export - end up with full depots.
- Sending resources to great works is highly unreliable.
- Selling of services (Water, Sewage, Power) not correctly being available to other cities.
- Estimated amount of resources usually way off.

Multiplayer Issues:
- Gifting credits to another city sometimes doesn't make it and the funds are lost.
- Able to place parks and some other buildings while visiting another city. (That is not owned by yourself)
- People can still enter a private Region without being invited.

The rest of the lists had to be placed in the reply section:

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Re: List of all bugs that have been reported from EA forums.

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bumping to support this ...

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Re: Compiled Bugs and Idea List.

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This is awesome.

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Thanks. Putting a lot of effort and time into keep the th...

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Thanks. Putting a lot of effort and time into keep the thread updated daily. Standard smile

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Re: Compiled Bugs and Idea List.

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It is a hell of a list created by only a couple of people, im sure there is more to add so if anyone has bugs, lets see that post! Tongue out

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Re: Compiled Bugs and Idea List.

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Indeed, any links to posts about bugs or just additions typed in the comments will be added daily! I'll keep this thread updated as well, so keep adding more to the list. Thanks everyone!


- Anwyays off to bed. I'll add additions tomorrow morning if there are any. I expect to have quite a few though with how the list already looks. Wink

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Re: Compiled Bugs and Idea List.

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This is great!, I am going to copy this to my site as well (Refugee Gamers). 


Mirriored at


I am going to mark this thread and continue to support/add input as well.


Thanks Code!! Great stuff here.

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Re: Compiled Bugs and Idea List.

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This is a great list, my only problem with it is the fact that we have to make it.  That's a list that should've been covered in beta testing.

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Re: Compiled Bugs and Idea List.

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Re: Compiled Bugs and Idea List.

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Great list

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