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[BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

by PtitRun

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[BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

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I encoutered many traffic glitches as i was playing. Those are really annoying


1-cars stuck at the exit of a building with a car on the street. Never unlocks and causes big traffic jams

2-cars just stay at an intersection even at green light

3-cars keep making u-turns everywhere (problem with path finding ?)


here's some videos i made :


Traffic problem 1/4

Traffic problem 2/4

Traffic problem 3/4

Traffic problem 4/4


EDIT 09/03/2013 :


More videos.

This problem is game breaking in big cities


More traffic problems : in this one, cars in the right lane just stay there. At some point one or 2 cars decide to go through (which they could do hours ago...)

More traffic problems : another "two cars stuck"

More traffic problems : here, it's obvious that cars just stay in intersections, and suddenly, one or two decide to go through. Lots of them are going in circles and try to make u-turn everywhere


EDIT 11/03/2013 :


More traffic problems : Truck going in circles in an avenue.

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Re: [BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

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anyone else ?

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Re: [BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

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Yeah, I have experienced this as well. I think pathfinding has something to do with it as I see my emergency vehicles constantly heading the wrong direction, makes an 180, goes back to the garage and then exits again, this time in the right direction, most often, at least. Also, as you show in your videos, traffic jams in intersections that never solves itself.

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Re: [BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

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I did have this bug as well. I deleated the road and rebuilt it, that fixed it but still need to be patched.


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Re: [BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

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yes i also had this issue my self many times 



nice to post it as traffic glitch this was sought out in other post but to many ppl asking refunds and posting nonsense bumped it out of the clouds for anyone to reply 



but this is an issue that needs tending too 


the following things i have seen as a possible threat to traffic that i have noticed 


1) when cars piling up and relieve the stress by adding bus stations to each building sector i have seen that 

busses from my other cities flood my streets along with the current busses located with in the main city causing a flood of cars and busses


*my thought to the traffic chaos i would think plop enough bus stops see less cars and traffic 


2) noticed that when fire trucks need to rush to a fire depending on how many trucks you have with in cities they all take the same route instead of finding a best possible route due to traffic causing a car to emergancy unit pile up and the loss of buildings due to fire and an upset to sims that fires could burn them up having sims to leave your city due to fire


* being that other cities have fire trucks that would like to lend a hand when a fire gets out control its noticed that they follow the first fire truck who is stuck in traffic to fight the fire and not take an alternate route  this goes the same for police and medical units you would think they would be a lvl higher smarter then regular sims who are trying to get to work or that regular sims would let the emergancy units go by regarless of traffic light issues its like sims are dumb to notice the annoying sirens 


3) i noticed that when ploping a high school and a grade school around the corner the high school gets a load of traffic causing a pile up that if left unoticed for in sim hrs would cause houses to fail and it seems that this is caused by the hs *keep in note that the hs has full upgraded bus services and the bus depot closest to the schools parking lot is the cause for the street connected to the hs to have traffic* now i seen moving trucks and a load of local and other city school busses pile up back to back on each other causing kids not to attend school and local cars from nearby houses stack up for hrs with out moving  


* the fix for this i have noticed is to turn off the bus depot closes to the schools parking lot and that bus will go back into its shed and let the other cars go by you would think that by now simcity would know about in road uturns like real life ppl do face in real life traffic that when stressed they do a uturn in the middle of the street just to get to where they need to go. so i would figure real educated sims would know how to do this stunt 


4) noticed that busses flood my streets each of my cities have a bus station to it and from that each add on has about two busses now i plop bus stations allllllll over my cities *where i think is the most traffic or cover the grey shaded areas to make it green* now its safe to say that when you see alot of busses your city is making a huge process thats great but when you see multiple number of busses stopping at one time to each and every one of your bus station is a traffice chaos 


* the fix for this is to plop the bus station near the entrance of your city so that busses from other cities just go into the depot and leave but not in that order cause some cases i found that the busses keep going into the city picking up any sim and bum they can find but it will be great if busses from other cities can just go into the bus depot and drop off their city sims and leave and have your local busses pick up the slack 


there is more to this list but for now i have to review my bandicam vids to compare and upload that i too am having this issue ptitrun cheers to you 


and XP this if you also having these issues 

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Re: [BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

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Yes, the traffic problems need to be addressed in an update.  The problem can be pretty catastrophic for a city.  Once they get the server bugs all fixed, they need to fix the traffic.  But let them do the servers, then look at gameplay glitches.  Though the servers seem good today, so far! (Yay!)

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Re: [BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

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Also, it seems, even with multiple fire trucks, they all go to the same fire, while another fire destroys a different building.

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Re: [BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

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yes that is part of what i kinda posted to the emergancy unit bug i dont know when this will be fixed but it is causing a stir in my city causing me to turn off some of these buildings 

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Re: [BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

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I have had the same problems, and it seemed that they didn't start until I actually started a lot of public transportation?

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Re: [BUG REPORT] Traffic glitches

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Oh, and what's up with emergency vehicles stopping at stop signs and red lights?  They should always have right of way if their sirens are screaming.  If nothing else, make them just magically "go through" the other traffic.

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