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Scrabble (various versions) unable to connect

by deezan14

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Re: problems playing scrabble with my facebook friends on my android

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Community Manager

Heya everyone,


As a follow-up, please note that we do offer support for the following Scrabble versions for Pogo


  • Scrabble (classic) for Pogo
  • Scrabble Tour
  • SCRABBLE Cubes
  • SCRABBLE Sprint

For these, please visit the Pogo forum on Answer HQ over here.



Other Scrabble Versions


If you are playing another version of Scrabble, a dedicated forum is available Scrabble forum & Known issues 



 You will find there:


So please check the according scrabble forum for help with your version.

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scrabble on kindle fire

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My computer scrabble games won't come up on my kindle fire. 

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Scrabble on mobile devices

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Cannot sign in to Scrabble  with Facebook on mobile device. Problem started a few days ago and is consistent with all my freinds who play scrabble on mobile devices 

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Scrabble app down???

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Is the android Scrabble app down?  It hasn't worked for me for the last 3 days and I'm wondering if anybody knows if there is a server problem.

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Scrabble on Kindle Fire and Android Phone

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I have not been able to login to my Scrabble games in FB on my Kindle Fire or Android phone for at least 5 days.  Is there a problem?

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Scrabble on Kindle Fire and Android Phone

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Why can't I log into my Facebook Scrabble games on my Kindle fire or Android Phone

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Re: problems playing scrabble with my facebook friends on my android

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I've checked the forum and there are no answers.  Who can help with these problems!!!  Why doesn't the Scrabble app work anymore for Kindle Fire, Nook and Android phones.  Who can help?

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Scrabble on Kindle Fire and Android Phone

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Why isn't the Scrabble App working on Kindles and Android phones

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Scrabble on Droid Razr

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I've been playing Scrabble Free on my Droid Razr for months.  I'm quite addicted and force all of my family to play with me.  Now I can't get it to load on my phone.  I've noticed that I can't stay logged into Facebook.  Please help!!!!

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Cannot update Scrabble screen

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My Scrabble has not been able to update for 5 days.  Is this problem being worked on.  I have contacted Origin and have not received any replies about what the problem is.  My daughter, who lives down the street, cannot update either.  Please advise

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Accepted Solution

Community Manager

Thank you all for the positive feedback! Rebecca, senior producer for Scrabble at EA also just posted

Hi again all, 

We've deployed a change on our side that should have addressed the issue. Please try again with your Origin logins and if you encounter any issues now please let me know here. 



Admin note: This thread was used as a repository for an issue that is now resolved and is now closed. 


We invite players who are experiencing issues with Scrabble on their iOS device to Ask a new question here on Answers HQ. 

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