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tables won't load when selected in a room

by officersj952

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tables won't load when selected in a room

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 I have not been able to load any game that the user is able to set up a table.  I have tried Pinochole, Canasta, and Scrabble,Spades  I have followed all the instructions for troubleshooting Java.  I have cleared my cache, uninstalled and reinstalled Java manually multiple times.  I have restarted my computer multiple times. I run Windows 7, I use  Explorer, and Firefox.  The same problem occurs no matter which browser I use.  I am at my wits end trying to figure out what to do next.  I have never had any problems like thius before.  I am sure that I am doing everything correctly.  Please, Please help.  The games I mentioned are some of my very favorite which I play every day.  I am not having problems with any other games except the ones where I want to set up a table.  I tried the play now button and the play against bots button work but I can't choose a table and set options.  my isp is cable.  I have Norton Internet Security and it is up to date. I have tried disabling both anti virus and fire wall but it still doesn't work.  Thank you for helping in advance.

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Re: tables won't load when selected in a room

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Having the same problem starting a few days ago.  looking forward to seeing the response you get. 

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