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Registered: ‎06-04-2013

Trouble getting in to Pogo rooms; trouble getting credit for Undiscovered World badge

I have several computers; however, I cannot access Pogo game rooms with either the Windows 7 or the Windows 8.   It keeps telling me "won't load".  So, I have gone back to a very old XP, and am having  better luck.


However, I finished my "Undiscovered World" badge on Christmas day; the badge is in my account; however, I am not being credited for it on Pogo main page, and thus am not getting credit for it in the (get 3 badges) challenge.....


I'm very discouraged with all the problems with Pogo.   I have been a good paying member.... but I'm getting really stressed out, and if this isn't fixed, I may not renew my membership.   A lot of my friends are saying the same thing.


Help us when we're having problems.    We are getting dumped all the time.  It can't be just my problem.    Please update my badge, and please do whatever you need to do to help all of us who are getting dumped or cannot get into rooms.


Thank you,


Judith Bastian

[edit: email address removed]

Judithan726 in Pogo

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Re: Trouble getting in to Pogo rooms; trouble getting credit for Undiscovered World badge

Which games are you having the problem with?

   -  try loading these Java based games: - Crossword Cove, Bingo Luau, Jungle Gin

   -  try loading these Flash games:  - Clue, Poppit!, Word Whomp


What exactly is happening when you try to play the games?


What is the error message you get, if any (more details of the exact text please)?


Do any other games run normally?


Could you also click on the following link and then ‘copy and paste’ the displayed results into a reply here?

This will give me a general overview on your computer set-up and hopefully give me some pointers to help.


Thank you for your cooperation and I hope we can get you playing again quickly.

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