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Pogo crossword cove

by Ritabiom1


Pogo crossword cove

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Crossword Cove won't resond to both my Internet Explorer and Mozilla. It just freezes and doesn't load. JAVA is updated and all else is good on my end.

Please answer since it seems the problem is at your end. Also Hangman Hijinks won't respond. All other games are o.k.

I am reconsidering joining the POGO club since this is the 6th day that I cannot play cove or hijinks. Today is 10-26 and I have been requesting help for 4 days so far. I guess I won't play POGO much longer.  TY for at least reading this.  RM

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Re: Pogo crossword cove

Community Manager

Hello Ritabiom1,


You should also make sure that you have Macromedia Flash installed/updated on your computer. Please follow the instructions on this link:


I hope this helps.




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