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Pogo contact phone number

by mert438

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Pogo contact phone number

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I would like to purchase a membership for a friend via cash - bank debit.  I want to do it by way of phone. I did this before, but I cannot see info on how to do it again. What I need is the customer service phone number.

Thank you

Mert 438

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Re: Pogo contact phone number

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Sorry to say, but good luck on getting hold of one.  :>(

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Re: Pogo contact phone number

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when you need pogo, where are you??? Want to buy a subscription for a pogo friend...I would like to do it by telephone...can you help...never had this much trouble before when I did this...PLEASE help. Thx. contij279

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Re: Pogo contact phone number

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Unfortunately it is not possible to buy a gift subscription over the phone, but you can buy one online via the Origin store. 


The following Help Centre article explains exactly how to do this:


Hope this answers your question.




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