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New Java Update - Version 7 Update 51



New Java Update -  Version 7 Update 51 


A new Java Update is now available Version 7 Update 51. We recommend installing the last Java version.

If you need some help, just follow the steps below.



 Step 1 - Update Java

Go to the Java Download page at

Download and Install Java. 

Mac users : a guide is available here: Mac Guide for Pogo



 Step 2  - Enable Java


Windows User

Mac Users





Step 3 - Verify Java Version




Step 4 - Go to


While loading a Pogo game you may see this pop-up window



You can either check the box "Do not show this message again" and Run or just Run if you want knowing that this message will appear every time you launch a Java game on Pogo.



Still having issues


If you are experiencing difficulties with Java even though it's installed on your computer, perform a clean Java Reinstallation.



Then do not forget to Enable Java once again.





If you do not know what is my current version of Java; just click on this link Your System Info. and check the Java version installed.

  • If you see: Java Versions installed = 1.7.0_45 - then you have the previous version.
  • If you see: Java Versions installed = 1.7.0_51 - then Java is up-to date



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Re: New Java Update - Version 7 Update 51

Good Info.