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Live Chat option for Pogo customer support

by mustangsally9019

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Live Chat option for Pogo customer support

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I would like to know why dedicated pogo players like myself, can't talk to a live customer service representative when we have concerns

about billing?   Also, why does it take billing so long to post a debit to the account?  How mant days does it take to clear from the account?

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Re: Live Chat option for Pogo customer support

Community Manager

Hi mustangsally9019,

I moved this thread from the Idea Exchange to the Pogo board.

We have the Idea Exchange to improve the Answer HQ. All ideas and questions that are game related should be posted in their respective boards.


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getting pogo help

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I keep trying to get help from pogo but I am having no luck.

Contacting game advisor always ends in  :  An error has occurred

I complete a challenge and I dont get credit

I am disqualified from earning gems for answering surveys because it says I havent entered a valid postal code.  Funny thing is my mail has come to that postal code for the past 21 years


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Re: Live Chat option for Pogo customer support

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1. EA no longer offers Voice support for Free or Club Pogo members. You may be able to get the Live Chat Support option. depending on how busy they are at the time.


2. Delays in debitting an account are probalby due to technical issues outside of the control of EA. I am guessing but it could take 3 days. EA may have a better answer.



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Re: Live Chat option for Pogo customer support

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Texas Hold'em is one of my favorite games.  I've been playing it for some time and yesterday, August 6th., 2012 I went to put one of my Badges from Texas Hold'em on...only to find it not there, nor was the other Texas Hold'em Badge there.  I worked very hard to obtain these two Football Badges.


The Badges are called...Natural Royal Flush Badge & Natural Four Aces Badge.  I use these Badges quite often when playing Poker.  


I would really appreciate if Pogo could please replace them & some feedback as to why they are gone.


Thank you very much,



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Re: Live Chat option for Pogo customer support

★ Apprentice

In regards to why it takes so long to post a refund/debit, bank systems are notoriously slow. I sometimes don't get officially charges for gad purchases until a couple days after getting gas, and likewise with my refunds, it tends to take some time. Usually within 5 business days I've seen my refund from places.

But yeah, I wish banking systems were faster. It messes with me sometimes when I just glance at my balance and think I have more than I do because something hasn't been deducted already.


But it's always a surprise to see it go up when I finally get the refund posted on my statement!

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Re: Live Chat option for Pogo customer support

★★★ Newbie

having same problem.can't get any answers from pogo

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Re: Live Chat option for Pogo customer support

Community Manager (retired)

Hello everyone,


There is a guide to Pogo help that should you be helpful to find the best option for getting help with pogo according to your question.
However, you can also check out the threads here if your question is not directly related to an account query.


Thank you.




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Re: Live Chat option for Pogo customer support

★ Novice

Pogo takes my money for the club pogo and I have been playing games with no problem . Now today it will not allow me into the games. Either you fix this problem or cancel my account as I refuse to pay for services not rendered. Thankyou. I feel it is fraudulent to except payments and then have no way for contacting these people.

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Re: Live Chat option for Pogo customer support

Community Manager (retired)

Hello Patcooker714


On the guide you can find a link to contact the support team:


Premium Support for Club Pogo Members
Finally, we're excited to offer Club Pogo players premium support on all issues, including game play and technical troubleshooting, through Email or Live Chat--just another exclusive benefit for our subscribing members. Club Pogo players can connect with our support team 24/7 here.


You can also provide more information regarding the issue that you are experiencing with the games (error messages, Java issue...).

It will help us to diagnose your issue in order to assist you.


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Accepted Solution

Community Manager (retired)



Hello everyone,


Here are the details on the different contact methods provided for Free Pogo Members and Club Pogo Members.
Live chat is available for club Pogo members.

Please note that there is no phone support; for more details please visit this following link:

Note that you have to login with your Pogo Screen Name on the EA help center page to get the access to the Live Chat.


  • Free Pogo Members
    E-mail Support: Account/Registration or Billing/Purchasing issues only
    No Live Chat or Phone Support for any issues
  • Club Pogo Members
    E-mail Support: Account/Registration, Billing/Payment, Technical, Abuse, and other issues
    Live Chat: Billing/Payment, Account, Technical, Abuse, and other issues
    No Phone Support for any issues

You can also find this information in the Pogo forums: "EA Support for Pogo."

 Here is a video tuturial: "How To Create A Help Ticket And Contact"







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