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Registered: ‎06-19-2013

JAVA, adobe flash player, windows 7

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 7, I've had problems with Java and Pogo.  Specifically, there are several games that tell me I need to upgrade or re-enable Java.  I have enabled Java in Windows 7 and I have reinstalled Java from Oracle, which tells me:  You already have the latest version of Java.  Do you want to reinstall it?  I don't get these problems with Firefox.


With Adobe Flash Player I get the same thing:  I have the latest version but Pogo tells me my Flash Player is out of date.


Why do I have these issues in Windows 7 but not Firefox?


Also, how do I email Pogo?



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Registered: ‎06-30-2013

Re: JAVA, adobe flash player, windows 7

 saids  loading  does not most games

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Registered: ‎04-27-2013

Re: JAVA, adobe flash player, windows 7

I can try to help you with some of the settings if you like.

Please go here:

                              & copy the info & paste it back here please


Test your FLASH here:


Test your Java:

Underneath the red "Free Java Download" button, click on "Test the currently

installed version of Java."    What does it display?


If you still prefer to contact Pogo, for your convenience, I've listed some steps here to contact

the Pogo (EA) Help Center for assistance.
1.  Click the link (or the "help" word on each page)
2. Where it says: What Can We Help you With", type in pogo
3. Click "Find Solutions"

4.  Select  a category
5.  Click "Find Solutions"
6.  On the lower right-hand side, click "I Still Need Help"

A window should open...

 for blue "Live Chat" (when available) for Club Pogo members
& a black email option below that

 Good luck!  I hope it gets resolved for you soon.

Posts: 2,172
Registered: ‎04-27-2013

Re: JAVA, adobe flash player, windows 7

A explorertom69:       Please go here:

                                     & then copy your systen results & paste them back here please.


Which antivirus program do you use?  What problems are you having exactly?