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How to play Java games on Pogo using Windows 8

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IMPORTANT NOTE : How to play Java games on Pogo using Windows 8 


eastephen wrote:



  • Please see the following for details on how to run Pogo under Windows 8:

    Java games can only run from the Desktop Screen of Windows 8. The Start Screen in Windows 8 does not support the Java Plug-in which is needed to run Java games. Follow these steps to switch screens.

    Here are three ways you can switch screens in Windows 8 so you can play Pogo’s Java games:

    1 -  Press the Windows logo key on the keyboard. From there you can toggle between the Start screen and the Desktop screen
    a. The Windows key is probably located near your spacebar on your keyboard

    2 -  Click on the Desktop tile in the Start Screen to switch to the Desktop Screen

    3 -  Move your mouse pointer to the bottom left corner of your screen to switch between the Start Screen to the Desktop Screen




Hope this helps. 







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