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EA Game card

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I'm trying to use EA game card to get the three month club pogo access.  (I've had no problem in the past)  I select three month club pogo access, type in PIN number from card, select OK.  Returns with what I selected, gives me a chance to change to get pogo gems, I press OK again.  Comes back with warning-! in yellow triangle and message-Oops! Something's not quite right.  What's not quite right? I've done this severel times, double check the PIN number every time.  I've even made sure I had latest JAVA version.  Can anyone help me?

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ea game cards

i purchased an ea game card for pogo gems an when i entered the code it said it was invalid

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Re: EA Game card

i bought 2 ea game cards and they both won't work and the store won't exchange them or give or give me my money back i think they are becoming ripoffs like other websites

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gift card

pogo will not take my gift card number for gems

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Re: EA Game card

who do i talk to about EA cards not being a valid pin noumber

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Re: EA Game card

same problem here.  luckily best buy accepted my return

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Re: EA Game card

I bought a $20.00 EA Game Card today so I could use it to purchase Bioware points to buy Leviathan. After I input the code and hit continue I get an error saying that there was a validation error. If anyone can help me I will appreciate it.
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Re: EA Game card

Same thing for me as well.  I've talked with EA a few times and always getting the same answers.  "Working on it"  "Check again tomorrow".  I know several other people have had this same issue.  I also read that EA reserves the right not to refund us in any way. I will not purchase any more of these cards.

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Re: EA Game card

There is an issue with them


EA is aware and fixing:

Good Luck and Happy Simming


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Re: EA Game card

Hello everyone, 

Like crinrict said, our team is aware of this issue and is currently working on a fix.

Here is the information available on the Help center:


  • Why am I having a problem redeeming my EA Cash / Retail card?

    We aware of an issue some customers are experiencing when redeeming EA Cash or Retail cards for Origin, Gem, and Subscription purchases. We are working to address this issue as quickly as possible.

    We apologize for the frustration this has undoubtedly caused. Please stay tuned for an update on this issue.


We will update this thread as soon as a new information will be available regarding this situation.


Thank you all for your patience.


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