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EA Customer support phone number

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why is it so hard to get a customer support phone number for pogo game support?

 *Moved to the pogo forum

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Re: EA Customer support phone number

Hi There!


You didn't say what sort of issues you are having, however, for all account issues, you'll need to contact Customer Support, since for security and confidentiality reasons we cannot discuss any account details on a public forum.

If you click on the following link you will be taken directly to the Origin contact page:

Sign in with your Pogo username and Password (Click on Login in the top right hand corner), you’ll then be prompted for ‘Product’ (enter Pogo) and then for ‘Category’ (select ‘Billing/Purchasing’), finally below a list of articles, you can select ‘Step 2: Choose a Contact Method’.

There is no phone number for support, but you will be able to send an email. Please include as much detail as possible, so they are able to answer you straightaway.


If it isn't an account issues, let us know what issues you are having and we'll either try our best to help, or can point you in the right direction

Hope this helps.

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Re: EA Customer support phone number

I need to know where did my gems go, I never used them up and now i see they are gone. I havne't been on pogo in a while until todayl I need to know where are they.

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Re: EA Customer support phone number

Please check your ‘Gems Transaction Record’ which details all movemnts of gems on your account. To check the records, go to the ‘My Account’ section. Then click on the 'Billing and Subscriptions' link and finally view your gems transactions (the link for this is about half-way down the page under the 'Other Resources' heading).


If there are transactions you don't recognise, follow these steps to contact a game advisor for more help:

 1.  Click the link 

2. Where it says: ’What Can We Help you With’, type in "Pogo" 

3. Click Find Solutions

4.  Select "Billing/Purchasing" from the drop-down list

5.  Click: Find Solutions

6.  Scroll down a little and on the lower right hand side, Click "I Still need Help" 

The Window Will Open... 
Depending on your geographical location and the time of day, you may see the Blue, Live Chat... 
Scroll down a little further, you'll see the Email me...


Hope this helps.


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Re: EA Customer support phone number

well well well, there a reason an actual phone number is NOT listed anywhere on this site, pogos site, anywhere?????????????????? Nice customer service, guess I have no choice but to cancel and never come back!

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Re: EA Customer support phone number

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@ dakota11795


This is only my opinion, but I believe that phone support may have been suspended because too many people were using it for reasons other than it's intended purpose which was for billing and account related issues. It was never intended to be used for technical support as the representatives handling the calls did not have technical expertise. 


That said, Pogo doesn't have phone support unless the Help system determines that a phone conversation is needed to resolve your issue. In that case, they will provide that phone number to you. 


Here's how to reach customer support for Pogo:


Make sure you have your browser is set to allow 3rd party cookies:

1) Click on the “Help” link at the top of any page
2) Click on “EA Help” link on right side of page
3) Log into Origin using your Pogo ID (screen name) and Pogo password. (See note 1)
4) Click on the “Contact Us” link on the right side of the page
5) Type in a question and click on “Find Solutions”
6) On the next page you will see 2 drop down menus – type (then select) Pogo in the box on the left (see note 2) then select the category that most closely meets your needs from the drop down list in the box on the right
7) Click on “Find Solutions”
8) Click on “I Still Need Help”
9) If live chat is available it will tell you what the waiting time is. Click on “Chat Now” or use the email option. (see note 3).


Note 1: To get to the Live Chat and email options you must log into the Help Center using your Screen Name and Pogo Password. If you log in using your email address and Pogo password you will be given an option to visit Answer HQ to ask you questions.


Note 2. It isn't necessary to select a specific game if your issue isn't game related (or if the game you're having

problems with isn't listed).


Note 3. Live chat is only available to Club Pogo members.


I hope this helps, Just


Please note, I do not work for Pogo or EA, I'm just a member like you, my opinion is not to be taken as a statement of fact, it's just an opinion period. 

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Re: EA Customer support phone number

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I found this number in fourms for EA Support


Its says its available form 9AM to 9PM

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Re: EA Customer support phone number

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@ kenman89435
That phone number is not applicable for Pogo!
The phone support for Pogo was eliminated completely.  Currently, if customer service  is unable to resolve an issue and they feel that a phone call is in order, they will give you (generic) a phone number to call (along with a case number that you (generic) will need to provide when calling in).
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Re: EA Customer support phone number

I want to purchase a game for a friend. It's on his account. But it will not let me change the billing too me so I can pay. Please help
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Re: EA Customer support phone number

I have live chatted with you 2 times about a gift for my friend in pogo, & you said to get bk 2 you 2day