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6th street omaha game

I would like to know how many times I have to win omaha to go up a level. I have been playing this game many many  times and I seem to be stuck on level 13.  Please let me know what the problem is. Thanks

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Re: 6th street omaha game

This should be what you're looking for:


Hope this helps!  


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Re: 6th street omaha game


Note: Ranks are only for Club Pogo players!


Unlike Ranks in Texas Hold' Em, you earn ranks in Omaha by winning Jackpot Spins.

For each hand you win, one letter in the word Omaha lights up - spell the whole word (that's five wins total), and you'll be rewarded with a Jackpot Spin.


How many Jackpot Spins does it take to reach the top? The world may never know…

Learn more about ranks in in Omaha: Ranks


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Re: 6th street omaha game

Go to or google it. This will give you all the ranks for this game. I added it to my favorites to make it easy to keep track.