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[The Sims Medieval] Sims Medieval Windows 8

by mirapotter

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Re: Sims medieval to be supported by windows 8

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I also agree very much!  I got a new computer with Windows 8 and gave my older computer (with my Sims on it)  to my daughter, much to her delight. She loves Sims 2 also. I was so disappointed when I tried to run Sims 2 on my new Windows 8 computer.  Frown  Been playing Sims 2 for years, love it...more than Sims 3, and would very much like to be able to play it on my new computer!   Please do something about it!

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[The Sims Medieval] Help me please with Sims Medieval for pc

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Hi my name Is glendita im having problem playing my sims medieval in my new new computer is window 8 u think that my problem that my window is too new for the game or something...i instal everything good but when i hit the play buttom i dont know where the window goes too but it dosent show in my pc its like i cant see the window where my game is been play at...plsss help me

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[The Sims Medieval] The Sims Medieval - Game Won't Load

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I installed The Sims Medieval and also Pirates and Nobles on Windows 8. I open the game launcher and hit the play button, the launcher disappears, and the hourglass cursor appears for about 30 seconds. Then.....nothing. The game doesn't load, I don't even get an error message. It's just as if I closed the launcher. The game is all up to date and I have The Sims 3 that works perfectly fine also. Any suggestions?

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Re: Sims medieval to be supported by windows 8

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I have Sims 2, and just got a new pc, now I can't play. Sims 3 isn't compatible either ad they don't have a patch

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[The Sims Medieval] Please Support The Sims Medieval on Windows 8

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As someone who recently bought The Sims Medieval, which isn't exactly an old game, and is upgrading to Windows 8 soon, I was VERY dissapointed to learn that the game does not run in Windows 8.  As this is a relatively newer game, I would ask that you review  the issue causing it and patch the game to allow for Windows 8 compatibility.  I would love to pick up the xpack as well, but there ceases to be a point if it won't work.


Help me EA Games, you're my only hope!

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Re: Please Support The Sims Medieval on Windows 8

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If the game runs on Windows Vista or 7, then you should be able to play the game on Windows 8.

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[The Sims Medieval] Sims Medieval Windows 8

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When yoou first download the game the main screen pops up as normal. Then you click on it and it disappears. When you go to open the game again it says its already runningwhich it isn't. I hear there is a big problem with it working on windows 8 . I just hope I can get someone to answer me because I have had this game since christmas got excited to play and I cant. You would think the issue has been fixed by now. Yet EA hasn't done anything with it. I just really want to play my game instead of looking at the icon on my desktop some actual help would be nice. 

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[The Sims Medieval] unable to play the sim3 medieval

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Hello, I have new laptop running windows 8. I'm unable to play the sim3 medieval. I was told that I should install the expansion pack for it to work with my OS, but after installing pirates and nobles ,I'm still unable to play. I do play the sims 3 on this computer and it works fine. When I click on the medieval icon the game launcher will appear  once I click the play button nothing happens. I open my task manager and its not running as an application.  I tired to switch the compatibility mode to windows xp service pack 3 still no luck. Please help. Thank you

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[The Sims Medieval] Sims Medieval expansion pack not working on Windows 8

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I have installed the Sims Medieval (directly downloaded from Origin) on my Windows 8,

It works fine.

But when I installed the Pirates & Nobles expansion pack, the installation was complete,

when I launch the game launcher, everything went smoothly, but when i clicked "Play" button, nothing has happened.


It seems that the application was running backstage, but just I could not play with it.


Can anyone help me with this?


Thank you very mcuh!!!

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[The Sims Medieval] Windows 8

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Does anyone know when the patch is expected to come out so that the Sims Medieval will work on Windows 8? please don't reply "I have the same problem" everyone has this problem, please reply if you've contacted or heard from EA and know anything about when the patch will be out! Thank you!

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