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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)


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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)

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★ Apprentice

Hello everyone!



Today I bought Need For Speed Hot Pursuit... I instaled it no problem with key, no problem with activation bla bla bla....

But when I go to career mode and select the first race or pursuit, (yes my bounty is 0) after the race is loading and say to press CONTINUE.... nothing happends, but the game does not freezing or crashing, I prees ENTER, I heard that "tiuuu" sound but the race won't start, the CONTINUE text is keep on blinking...


My g. card is HD4890

CPU x4 b93

I olso read about catalyst settings I check and uncheck them xxxxxxxxx times

Reinstal game, reinstal grafic driver, remap controls, remap "accept" key, run as admin (win7), compability with xp sp3, sp2... and nothing works


I olso stop my internet connection and antivirus protection.

Somebody have this problem before? 

Please help!

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Re: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)

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Community Manager (retired)


Have you tried to launch the game on windowed mode (Alt+Enter when launching the game)  and/or change the resolution?

This is the first thing that comes to my mind since you've already tried the compatibility mode, run as administrator, update drivers...


Can you please try?

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Re: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)

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★ Apprentice

Yes i tried right now and no result.... can be the cd/game broken?

I tried even to deaothorize the pc for using the game and reinsert the cd-key after but the proces stops at.... 70-80% without any error... the dialog box also says i have 4 cd-keys remaining to use, and that is right.

I don't think I have the tax receipt from the magazine... i allways throw them but i do't think this will be a problem for an exchange.

Thanks for your time Eanajat.

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Re: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)

★ Apprentice

ok... this is realy stupid :mansad:

I reinstaled the game 3 times and tryed works!! i can play on free roam but not in races.

any ideea what can "damage" the racing in game? I mean where could be the difference in the game? (.bin files, .dll files...etc...) can I repair something on it? I mention that I know to use HEX editor but in other domains... :manfrustrated:



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Re: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)

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Community Manager (retired)


Thanks for your reply.


Can you please verify if you have downloaded and installed ALL the PC Patches for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit please?


If not, in this page you will find 5 different files for the patches: PC PATCH - DOWNLOAD PAGE


Click on the link and scroll down until you find the appropriate game title.

Click on the different links starting from the patch 1 to the patch 5 in order.


I hope this will help you! Let me know how it goes please!



Important Note

If you have installed the game via ORIGIN, the game updates will be installed automatically - You do not have to install them manually -

This workaround is for those who have installed the game via the DVD.






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Re: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)

★ Apprentice

Forget my last post... Works with all patches installed Confusedmileyvery-happy:Confusedmileyvery-happy:Confusedmileyvery-happy:Confusedmileyvery-happy:Confusedmileyvery-happy:Confusedmileyvery-happy:

Thanq so much Confusedmileyvery-happy:

Keep up the good work with the next NFS Confusedmileywink:

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Re: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)

★★★★ Newbie

Hey I tried installing the first 2 patches and it searches for the game and can't find it!! I am having the same "press continue" problem!

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Re: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)

★ Apprentice

Try to run in win xp sp3 compability.

If still suks....

Delette game! Uninstal using an uninstaler program (the control panel suks). I use iobit.

Delette save file from "my documents>criteriom>nfshp----> delette even the folder

Look on google for game files remaining in registry windows and delette them two!! <---- this is most important.

Disable firewall, antivirus,

update video driver- if you have nVidia....skip this.

Reinstal game and at first start don't update to the latest version.

Download all patches and instal them in order: 1,2,3,4,5!

Don't start the game until you instal all patches!

Start game as admin!


You can try to look on event viewer>aplication>look for the red "!" and see if there is an error code (it should be) apart from the game and translate that on google two.

You can do this last step even now.

Sorry for long list but I told you all I know about....


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Re: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)

★★★★ Newbie

I reinstalled it and before even opening the game, I tried installing the patches starting with the first one and it told me the same thing, that it can't find the game!

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Re: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (press continue)

★ Apprentice

You did all I sayd last time?Confusedmileyhappy:

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Accepted Solution

Community Manager (retired)


  • Solution 1
    Installing the game updates via Origin.
    For those who own a physical copy they can update the game by creating a digital copy with Origin and installing the game updates from their Origin Client.


  • Solution 2
    For players who are using Avast as their security software here is a solution provided by two community members Taz3608 and  Mrdanderfluff :

mrdanderfluff wrote:

I had the same problem with my Origin installed NFS Hot Pursuit.

I contacted support via email and this was the option that worked for me:

If you are an user of Avast then you can try this:
-Open Avast-Settings-Troubleshooting-Enable Hardware-Assisted Virtualzation, disable it (uncheck the box) and restart your computer.

I have Avast and that was the problem for me.


Hope this works for others as well ^^


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