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Players in gm connected disappear

by shawn07

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Players in gm connected disappear

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I recently traded for a player (danny dekyser) and the trade was accepted and went threw, the other team got my players but dekyser is no where to be found anywhere in the leauge? please help i would like my player! 

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Re: Players in gm connected disappear

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Hi shawn07,


I see your problem here and you have come to the right place for your problem. This has been happening to everybody that has played GM Connected since the introduction of the game-mode in NHL 13. It's an unfixed bug in the game but there's ways to possibly bypass the bug. Many times you dont recieve the player until you advance the week. He may then show up. Another solution is to just wait. Your player will most likely show up in your roster eventually. It just takes a while for the game to give you the player (another side effect of the bug). 





- If I helped you I could really use the XP it helps me a bunch and it shows me that I have helped you in some way at the least. Have a great day!

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Re: Players in gm connected disappear

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So I just lost Taylor hall in my league and there's nothing bit to simply wait for him to return, if he even does that is?
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Re: Players in gm connected disappear

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With the Taylor hall, he was not part of my current trade. I received him about 5 sims back and then I made 2 trades my last sim. I have all those players except that I received except Taylor hall is gone
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Re: Players in gm connected disappear

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I signed Simon Gagner as a free agent, 

He disappered after the sim and nowhere to be found, not even in the stats section.
I'm pretty pissed since I have to keep paying his contract. 
Please let me know if you can fix this.

League: Top Ched Connected

System: Xbox

Gamertage: IRussiaTheGr8

Team: Chicago Blackhawks

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Re: Players in gm connected disappear

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Check your watch list dude.

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