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Nhl 14 endorsements

by ironmuffins308

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Nhl 14 endorsements

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Why can i get any endorsements in the nhl iv been drafted and played 2 or 3 months fan like-ability is at 100 so it managment and family in the early release i got a billboard right away
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Re: Nhl 14 endorsements

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I was offered a Denim endorsement but I turned it down cause my fans and team both hated it. Besides that and the bill board I haven't gotten anything either.
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Re: Nhl 14 endorsements

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It was the same for me I got endorsements once I got to the playoffs I was ranked as the best player in the league and got an offer to be on the cover for the new game from ea sports some sneaker deal some shampoo deal an offer to be on a box of cereal and another one I don't remember but the endorsements seem to come during playoffs and I'm sure it's based off how good your player is
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Re: Nhl 14 endorsements

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It's been working for me I'm on my seventh or eighth season and I got offered the billboard,the newest nhl game cover player,and a magazine cover for nhl and plenty more just keep playing you will get there
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Re: Nhl 14 endorsements

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I am also a ninety nine overall player so that could help and you also have to get traded pots of times each time I got traded they offered me a new endorsement like I played for San Jose I got the billboard then got traded to Chicago and got the game cover, then got traded to Boston and just got the magazine cover
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