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NHL 14 faceoff and goalies

by weedman1987

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NHL 14 faceoff and goalies

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The more EA updates NHL 14 the more it sucks please fixs the faceoff problem can't win a single faceoff and goalies do not save the easy shots and are moving slow to make a save please help
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Re: NHL 14 faceoff and goalies

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The faceoffs aren't broken. Read the thread about faceoff's that was solved and you will find your answers.

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Re: NHL 14 faceoff and goalies

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Faceoffs are not working I tryed that it still dose not work played 2 games and the 1 st one lost 33/33 and 2nd lost 40/42 the 2 faceoffs where one by the winger getting the puck in a tie up
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Re: NHL 14 faceoff and goalies

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Worked for the other poster. I win more then I lose so they must be working. Just saying. Keep practicing the tips from that other thread.

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