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NHL 14 Hut Quick sell prices

by thetango91

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NHL 14 Hut Quick sell prices

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 In HUT, some players sell for almost nothing. Many very good players sell for almost nothing. Quick sell prices should maybe be changed to fix the way the market works. Bronze players should quick sell for about 40 ea pucks and bronze rare for about 70. Silver players 140 and silver rare 170. That isn't where the problem is though. Gold players of great value are currently selling for around 1000 pucks which is about how much pucks you earn after 2 games. Gold players non rare under 75 quick sell for a good amount currently. 75-79 should be around 340 and 80+ should quick sell for 545 (currently rare gold under 75) rare gold players 80 and under should all quick sell for 650 pucks. 81-82 shou;d quick sell for 800 pucks. 83 should quick sell for 1000 pucks. 84 should sell for 1500 pucks. 85 overall players are almost of no value but are still decently rare in packs. They should sell for around 2500 because they come every 8th gold premium pack (8750 pucks) yet they still are guaranteed puck losers. 86-87 overall players should quick sell for 3250 pucks which would greatly improve the market. (stasney, zajac, seidenberg, stepan and a few more all go for around 1-2.5k) 88 overall should be 5000 puck quick sell. 89 should be around 7500. and 90+ should be 10k quick sell. These prices would greatly balance out the market and give more value to good players.


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Re: NHL 14 Hut Quick sell prices

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I have been playing HUT since the first day it came out... Sept 17th 2010 I think... It has changed a whole lot since its first stages.... It used to be the lowest you could buy a player for was 150... This sucked!! HUT has gotten so much better but it obvisouly still has major problems.. I dont like how everyone complains but there isnt much anythign else out thier to play for hockey fans. Well yes you could go back to the classic days of NHL slapshot on the wii (Also made by EA) but really who would?? C-mon guys!! It is always better then nothing.. would you rather that you play no NHL video games for the whole year then play this so called "glitchly" "buggy" game? Please leave some XP if this helped in any!!

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Re: NHL 14 Hut Quick sell prices

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Why when I sell a player, I lose a small percentage of the gain ...

Ex: You sold a player 140 000, but it just gives you 133,000??

It looks like it takes me 5% on my selling price, and I understand nothing

I just wish someone would explain to me please



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Re: NHL 14 Hut Quick sell prices

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It does say it takes a small fee when auctioning your stuff

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Re: NHL 14 Hut Quick sell prices

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Everyone by now should know about the 5% commission EA takes....pretty ruthless since it won't stop farming that ppl do. At least make a scale: players worth high value take 5% the lower ones 1-2%...jeez EA must I tell u how to do it all? HIRE ME!
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