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Duration cards in HUT

by gutts27

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Duration cards in HUT

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I can't apply duration cards in HUT , keeps telling me can't apply more than 1 at a time. Any thoughts anybody?
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Re: Duration cards in HUT

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when they did last update, they changed the duration system so you cann't keep adding duration cards at 1 game left, unfortunately if you buit a player but did not put a duration card on him you no longer have that choice, i have many players i built but have 0 games on them& can no longer place a duration card on, also it also did not matter which duration card you put on, so many that would have had a 15 duration got a 3 or 5 because you could add later.Of all the dumb things EA has done through the years of NHL games this is by far the worst, it changes the entire game after after 1 month of play without warning, It changed the value of all players & of all boost cards. EA should undo this fix NOW,  to minimise the damage to teams & players. This should have been dealt with before the release or next year NEVER during the season EA did not fix anything, they changed it. You want to fix something , fix my & others BUY NOW feature for buying cards, mine has not worked for 2 wks. EA needs to think things through, when they do changes during the year or perhaps They Just Don't Care.

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Re: Duration cards in HUT

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Thanks. Makes sense. Yes it does change the gameplay, all the time wasted bidding on duration cards. I don't know what EA was thinking. Almost not worth adding consumables NOW. THANKS FOR NOTHING EA
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