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Accepted Solution

Rail Simulator

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When I launch rail simulator it says this "Sign in with your EA account to activate your game on this computer". But when I do that I get an error message that says this "In order to launch this game, please login to the EA download manager to verify your ownership, then try again." What should I do?

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Rail Simulator

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I recently brought Rail Simulator on Origin and haven't been able to play it as it crashes and comes up with the following message:



!Runtime Error


Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Rail Simulator\RailSim.exe



 - pure virtual function call origin games

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[Rail Simulator] game is not working

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Dear EA,


I am running Windows 7. I recently purchased and downloaded Rail Simulator but when I try to run it I get the error message "RailSim Launcher application has stopped working " then nothing !! What`s gone wrong ?

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EA Rail Simulator is crashing in Windows 8

I have recently purchased and installed EA Rail Simulator through Origin.


However, it crashes within a minute of opening and running the game on my Windows 8 HP Envy dv6 with 16 GB RAM, nvidia GEFORCE GT630M 2 GB RAM.


Why is it happening and what is the solution?


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Re: [Rail Simulator] error message

Unfortunately we do not officially support this game on AHQ at the moment. That said, have a look at as it may help resolve your issues.


P.S.: There is also the official website here that may be able to assist:
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game isnt in my games list

just bought game Rail Simulator® got email with confirmation but nothing to download ...... restarted orgin few times nothing...... help!

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Re: Stop selling broken games

Bought Rail Simulator.  Can't play it.  Can't get help on it because it's not on the list of Game Titles when you try to get help.

Stop selling broken crap and then not supporting it.


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Rail Simulator won't launch

I just bought Rail Simulator through online purchase.  I (seemed to) successfully downloaded it, and it showed up in my Origins Games window.  WHen I click on it, then clock the Play button, an EA window pops up asking for my email and password.  I type in my Origins password, and get an error message that the server can't be contacted.  I have repeated this procedure over the coarse of a couple of days, always with the same result.  ALL OF MY OTHER ORIGINS GAMES START JUST FINE.


I even clicked on the link FORGOT MY PASSWORD, reset my password, and STILL got the same result.

I tried to paste in a screen capture, but it would not insert it.




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Re: Rail Simulator won't launch

For any issues not covered by the FAQ, please email support @ Without the spaces of course.





Complete website here support website listed in above link


Hope this helps you out



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Rail Simulator Purchase issue

I've purchased and paid for "Rail simulator", however, when I attempt to install it, it goes through the  install process but nothing happens from there.

The game show's in "my games" page on origin, but maintains the "install" button instead of the play button. I even tried to rebuy it, but it says I already own it so can't even try again.