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Def Jam: Fight for NY

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How about a comeback of a VERY popular game, DEF JAM FFNY as a Arcade game on xbox 360 and in the playstation store. i would be ready to pay 1200 Microsoft points or even more. That was such a brilliant game and just PERFECT.

I dont think that it takes much to make it to an Arcade game, and with all the People who would Buy this game you would make a great profit and a lot of Gamers Very Happy.


I Hope someone from EA reads this, Cheers.

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[Def Jam: Fight for NY] Def Jam: Fight for NY 2?

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I think u should look into making a new def jam fight for new York. All u would have to do is take the first one and update the fighting a little, make the graphics more realistic and more rappers such as weezy, 50 cent, drake, Nikki, meek, Rick Ross just a lot of fighters old and new . This game would be the best fighting game online and everyone would get it u would make a lot of money.

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Re: [Def Jam: Fight for NY] Def Jam: Fight for NY 2?

Hi smooda100,


At the moment EA has not announced any plans to do a Def Jam: Fight for NY 2.

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[Def Jam: Fight for NY]

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When will you come out with another def jam like the first two every one loves those games ?

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[Def Jam: Fight for NY]

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will def jam fight for new york be a ps2 classic on psn so we can play it on ps3?

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Re: def jam fight for ny

I'm not aware of any definite decision on def jam fight for NY.

Only advice I can give is to keep your eyes open for PS3 re-releases.



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Another fighting Def Jam Game please

I admin a page on facebook "real rap" and it's not s big but it has 22k likes.
Usually when I post a questio the responce reaches like 2k people and I asked if they liked and wanted to see another def jam game for the next console and i got a massive response with 27 k people responding and all with yes!
I realised how many loved this game and I would love to see it back!

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new defjam

 when wil the new defjam come out

 it is a very nice game i may say but it is old(arcade) since 2005 and must be replace.



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Re: new defjam

Heya all,


Although there are still no news about a remake for any of the Def Jam games, you may be interested in the new UFC game EA Sports is developing.







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Request a remake of the game def jam fight for ny

Good night
Sorry for my English but it is because I am Brazilian, I wonder if it's possible to do a remake of the game Def Jam Fight For NY because this game was the best of the Def Jam series, and just as many fans of the game I like to be able play this game again.