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Unlinking accounts (GAMERTAG, PSN ID)

by seanmurphy11


Accepted Solution

Unlinking accounts (GAMERTAG, PSN ID)

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I would like to unlink one of my PS3 accounts from an origin account, so I can link it to another one, and have all 3 (along with my xbox) profiles linked together so that I can get my medals etc.. on my new account. How can I unlink an account? i know how to re-link it once its unlinked

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For some reason the gamertag associated with my account is not mine. Is there any way to have it removed and I add my gamertag or you guys can replace it yourselves?  Gamertag=xEvilx BumBle B

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Re: Gamertag

Community Manager

Hi folks,


In a case like this you should get in contact with one of our EA Game Advisors on



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i have my gamertag (predddyy) linked to an account that has a email that is not in use anymore, how do i unlink my gamertag?

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Hello predddyy


I merged your question with the existing thread that has been resolved previously so you can find how to unlink  your gamertag:


Thank you.

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Transferring account.

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          Im having a problem with mass effect 3 and I'm trying to get help but, my origin account isn't linking to my xbox account. I was told to post it in the forms but, I can't. If anyone can help I would appreciate it

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Can someone please tell me how to unlink this account with my PSN ID?

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Re: Gamertag

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I smell Bull**bleep**, Unless you mean next year of course, This Help Service is not at all helpfull, and your phonelines match.

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Re: Unlinking accounts (GAMERTAG, PSN ID)

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how is this problem solved all the links are bad 

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Re: Unlinking accounts (GAMERTAG, PSN ID)

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so how can i fix this problem as well HELP

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Accepted Solution

Community Manager

Greetings everyone,


If your PSN Online ID or Gamertag is linked to the wrong Origin account, please follow the steps pasted below, as outlined in this article:


If your console IDs are connected to different Origin accounts or to an incorrect account, it is possible to have an EA Advisor transfer certain items for you. However, doing so can result in permanently losing data from your Origin account, console account, or both. You can find more details on the risks of persona transfers here.

  • If you have multiple Origin accounts with console IDs connected to them and you want the console IDs to be on the same Origin account, an EA Advisor can move the console account for you. You will need to verify ownership on all accounts involved.
    • Please note: moving a console ID will cause you to lose your game status and progress, items purchased and/or earned in your games, content that you have associated with one or both accounts, and access to certain online services for games. Your EA Advisor can tell you what you will lose based on your account information.
  • If you have multiple Origin accounts with games or content on them but your console IDs are connected to just one of them, contact an EA Advisor. They can transfer your games and other content to the Origin account that is connected to your console IDs.
    • Please note: Doing this may result in the loss of progress, saved data or stats from your games. This includes any content you have saved to the Origin Cloud, any multiplayer progression, and potentially offline save game progression.



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