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Origin won't update.

I've read all of the help sections on this before coming here. I'm trying to reinstall my Sims 3 game Ambitions and can't. I have Windows 7 and Kaspersky antivirus. I have completely turned off kaspersky several different ways and turned off windows firewall to get Origin to update, it won't. It still says I'm in offline mode even when I am connected to the internet. I have also uninstalled Origin and reinstalled it several times and no luck. This is getting rather frustrating that I can't download a game that I've paid for.

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Re: Origin won't update.

Try deleting your OfflineCache file in the following way.

1. In Origin, click the settings gear next to your username on the upper right side
2. Select Settings from the dropdown
3. Click on the ‘Browse Game Installers’ button. A window will appear with folders in it.
4. Shut down Origin
5. Then in the window, double click on the folder with your email address.
6. Delete the file called ‘OfflineCache’
7. Launch Origin again.

This should allow you to download the games correctly. 



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Re: Origin won't update.

I had this problem too and followed the steps you gave, but when I went into the folder you said there were no files - it was completely empty. 

Is there something else I can try?