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I am getting this message when I want to update Battlefield 3 on Battlelog. I have both installed Battlefield and Origin. Origin already works but it says when I want to start bf3 singleplayer it says that Origin is not installed. When I click in Origin it says that Bf3 is not installed. I think the problem is when I moved the files(Origin,Origin games) from my C: disc that was full to my D:/data disc that was empty couse it was new and needed more space. I don't know what to do now, I already changed application settings in origin but that didn't worked. What do you recommend? Should I delete everything and reinstall everything or I can do something other ?

Thank you for taking your time and hope you can help me!                                                                          Mark

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Re: Origin://library/?Refresh=1

Hi Mark,


If you already changed the application setting within Origin to match the BF3 folder without any luck I would suggest a re-installation of Battlefield 3 from within the Origin client.


Normally, a repair would do the trick, but since the current BF3 installation does not appear to be recognized I would strongly suggest just re-installing.







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Registered: ‎01-10-2013

Re: Origin://library/?Refresh=1

Ok, thank you very much for your fast response!