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Merge Origin Accounts

Is there any way to merge two Origin accounts?


So that the prime one you choose will contain all the personas, all the games, all the saves and all the various remaining credits (like Bioware Points)?

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Re: Merge Origin Accounts

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Hey Cypherd6,


EA has been known to do so.


As long as you can verify both accounts involved. there is a few games which cannot be transfered because their stats will be lost or the DLC will stop working.


I'd recommend contacting EA on and then ask them if its possible. They will be able to provide more information


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Merging accounts and linking gamertag

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I have two problems


  1. I have two different Origin accounts. I created the first myself. The second was originally an EA shop account which has automaticly been transformed to an Origin account. Id like to see these account merged to a single account to prevent my game purchases from scattering  over different accounts.
  2. My Xbox gamertag is linked to the second origin account, and Id like to have this connected to the first since I use this by default.

I recently tried to get in touch with EA technical support but unfortuanetly I dont get past the faq section, since "Call me", "Live chat" and "email me" dont seem to be functional.


Id like to who I can contact about this and id like to have this situation resolved. Any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards,


Django den Boer

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Re: Merging accounts and linking gamertag

Have you filled in all the information needed before pressing email? Call me function is as far as I know only exclusive to America. If the functions don't work, maybe try changing the language at the bottom of the page and then retry

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Merging two origin accounts

I have two origin accounts and I want to get them both under the same roof, unfortunately when I contaced EA over the chat feature the rep told me "it could not be done". There is a lot of proof out there that it can be done if you get the right rep, if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance!

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Merging Origin Accounts

At some point in the past, when Star Wars The Old Republic was modifying their site, to work with Origin I believe, my two seperate emails, one for the old EA Downloader, and one for SWTOR, caused me to have two seperate Origin accounts created.  For simplicity, I would like to have both of these accounts merged into a single Origin account.  


Please help




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Re: Merging two origin accounts

hey men did you resolve yourproblem, im trying to do the same

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Re: Merging two origin accounts


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Two Origin Accounts



i have two Origin Accounts, one with BF2 and SwtoR and another with BF3. Can i put they together or can i delete a gemecode or can i delete a Origin Account so that i can use the gamecode for the other Origin Account?





sorry for my bad English

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Re: Merging two origin accounts

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EA_OneLetter posted the following here

"Note: For anyone looking at an account merge, please go to and open up a support ticket first. They should be able to handle all of the requests in the future." (from EA_OneLetter's second post)

There is also a warning in EA_OneLetter first post::

"I should point out though, there may be some issues, such as the following:

- Certain titles / previous purchases may not be able to be transferred.
- Some cloud saves may not transfer.
- Some game leaderboard stats may not transfer.

With that known, when you speak with Customer Support, be very clear about the titles in both accounts before you complete the merger, and which account is merging into the other. The last thing anyone wants is for you to lose games, but there are some parts of the merge that are outside of our control."


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