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Mass Effect 1 will not launch

I bought the Mass Effect Trilogy digital copy for pc. I downloaded and installed mass effect one and whenever I click to play the game, a screen pops up for a few seconds saying "Launching Mass Effect", but then the screen goes away and nothing happens. The game just does not launch or do anything. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it did not help, so at this point I don't know what do. Now I am just wondering if I have just been screwed out of $60 or if something is wrong on my side. So if anyone can help me then I would really appreciate it at this point.

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Re: Mass Effect 1 will not launch from tri-pack

You are not the only one - I worked with the tech on the chat for an hour, did what tech said, and still no go.

My PC is a brand new i7 16gig w/GTX 680 and runs skyrim, borderlands1,2, Call of Duty, etc but stops dead after syncing with Origin. So I am giving up. I think i will stick to Steam. One good thing is i didn't waste any money on any of their DLC only to find out I can not run the game.

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Re: Mass Effect 1 will not launch

Hi guys, most of u using Windows 8 or above already, thats the reason why the game wont start. Please click onto the desktop shortcut of Mass effect 1 with the right mouse button, choose Properties, change tab to Compatibility, mark Run this program in compatibility mode for:  chose Windows 7, and to be sure click Run this program as an administrator. Click Apply and Ok, happy gaming