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Invoice failed?

I'm trying to buy BF3 Premium, and I keep getting invoice failed, I am paying with a pre-paid mastercard (I've done this before with no issue)


And even with the purchase failing origin has charged me $2.20, I only $25 on this card, I can't keep getting charged for FAILED transactions.\


I have to buy this before noon tomorrow because I am leaving for 4 days and won't have a PC or anything, I want this before the sale is over.

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Re: Invoice failed?

For code or account related issues, please contact a Game Advisor at and they will be happy to help.
Unfortunately, due to account security and privacy policies we are not able to assist you with these kind of issues via a public forum.

Thank you.

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Re: Invoice failed?

I waited for 40 minutes to talk to someone in the chat support and when I finally got to him, I got immediately referred to the phone support, with no explanation as to why the gentleman couldn't help me. Where I waited for another 30 minutes and eventually hung up... It's absurd that the hold message talks about how EA customer service has improved and there is no more hold times for the phones. 30 minutes... That counts as a hold time. I just wanted to buy Mass Effect 3, looks like I'll just have to settle for Mass Effect 2 on Steam.

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Re: Invoice failed?

Don't wait until the weekend whenever possible because there is hardly anyone on duty to respond to the Live Chat lines, and the few that are stuck with the bad hours are the newest with the lowest experience and seniority. This forum isn't EA Help, we aren't EA employees. We do the best we can...


The best times for the Help Centers are from 10AM until six PM on weekdays, with the second best the two hours before ten, and the four hours after six.


Best of Luck to you...mileyhappy:

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Re: Invoice failed?

YOu don't seem to understand.  Many of us, myself included, have tried to purchase items from you and we get the INVOCEFAILED error.  We then spend hours in queue to speak to an Advisor and all they can tell us is "its a known problem and they are working on it.  Try back in a couple of days"


Not a good idea to monkey with your client platform and launch a new skin during a big sale.  Just not bright AT ALL.


You may want to look at the fact that if you backdoor this, as I tried to do for my purchase, by going to the BF4 site and added that to my cart and then grabbed my sale items from there I could actually proceed to purchase.  I won't do that as I have a 15% off coupon and it won't take it there, it seems to only take it through the client.  The stores are separated - store (no number in the URL) does not invoice while store2, accessed from the BF4 website does invoice but will not accept discount codes.