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Registered: ‎03-06-2013

How to add funds to Origin wallet?

So I was interested in buying The premium battlefield 3, I go to the store and pick up two 20$ ea game cards. I added the funds and now have 40 dollars in my wallet. I go through checkout game is 39.99 I have 40$ on my account. Tax kicks in and says there is not enough funds please enter Credit card. so I think okay I can put the 3 dollars on my card. put my card information in and still saying there is not enough funds.... so its not taking payment from both sources...


Is there anyway I can add like 5 bucks to my origin wallet like I can on steam?


I have had nothing but problems with origin ever since I started using back with the release of the new Sim City....

I know they only sell the cards in 20 dollars amounts.... I just need to add  the amount for the tax to my card... even if its like 5 dollars that would be great....