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How to add funds to Origin wallet?

by scottcollins89


How to add funds to Origin wallet?

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So I was interested in buying The premium battlefield 3, I go to the store and pick up two 20$ ea game cards. I added the funds and now have 40 dollars in my wallet. I go through checkout game is 39.99 I have 40$ on my account. Tax kicks in and says there is not enough funds please enter Credit card. so I think okay I can put the 3 dollars on my card. put my card information in and still saying there is not enough funds.... so its not taking payment from both sources... Frown


Is there anyway I can add like 5 bucks to my origin wallet like I can on steam?


I have had nothing but problems with origin ever since I started using back with the release of the new Sim City....

I know they only sell the cards in 20 dollars amounts.... I just need to add  the amount for the tax to my card... even if its like 5 dollars that would be great.... 

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Re: How to add funds to Origin wallet?

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to do this open origin, once you have done that there should be your username at the right hand corner, press that and then underneath  your profile picture press edit my profile, then it will come up with a bunch of options, on the left hand side, there should be a icon saying payment and shipping, then at the top it says payment, then put in your credit card details and with your gift card, it will add on how much money you need to buy that game, or you could also buy another gift card. 

happy gaming, hope I could help Standard smile 


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