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Registered: ‎09-09-2012

Friends list not working

For some reason the friends list isn't working I get the following message:


"Oops, we can't connect you to your friends list right now. Hang tight, we'll get you chatting with friends as soon as we can".


A lot of others are experiencing this issue from posts I've seen on Facebook.



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Re: Friends list not working

Experiencing the exact same problem at the moment; I start Origin, the store loads fine (of course), try to view my friends list and all it shows is the spinner until the "Oops, we can't connect you..." error appears.


I have tried numerous things to solve, such as uninstalling/reinstalling, current/beta versions, router settings, firewall settings, port forwarding... nothing seems to work. Very occasionally it will connect and I can play with friends, but the majority of the time it's broken. It just doesn't make sense as day-to-day  very little changes on my PC, at least not enough to cause the Origin firends list to spring into life one second and constantly fail to load the next.


From what information I can find this issue has been ongoing at least since March 2012, with precious little support from EA directly. Other than the stock response of, "It's a known issue. Please try later.", I can see no other fixes from them for this issue. I feel this problem is widespread and has been going on long enough to warrant much more of a outcry from the community in the hope that EA may actually sit up and take notice for once.

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Re: Friends list not working

Did you just try disabling firewall or also the antivirus ? There was someone in the German forum with the same issue and it was Kapersky for them.

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Re: Friends list not working

4 months later, and still the same issue.


When you google this problem, a lot of post are found.And there is still a "problem know" entry in EA FAQ. 


It is incredible....

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Re: Friends list not working

Still no solution and Im suffering the same issue with 1000+ pending friend requests that is stopping me from getting into TSTO. Fail, just fail.