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Fifa 14 Account Hacked.

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I got robben and isco form in a pack and I got hacked al my players went and about 5 k pls help me I need them back

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Re: Fifa 14

You'll need to go via customer support directly for help if you believe your account has been hacked:


  1. Log in using your Origin username and password.
  2. Click on “Contact A Game Advisor”
  3. Under “What can we help you with” type in “FIFA 2014 account hacked”
  4. Click on “Find Solutions”
  5. The next screen should automatically fill in the game for you. If it doesn’t select it from the drop down list. Next click on the downward arrow next to ‘Select’ and click on ‘Account Security’ from the drop down list. Finally choose the platform you play on from the next ‘Select’ box.
  6. Click on ‘Find Solutions’ again.
  7. Scroll down with the side bar and click on ‘I Still Need Help’
  8. You should now get options for ‘Live Chat’ or to phone customer support. 

Take a look at this help centre article as well to keep safe in the future:

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