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EA/Origin force password reset now unable to log into FIFA 13 Webapp

I received this email from EA Sports 7th DEC:


As part of our efforts to help ensure account security, the password for your account was recently reset. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and hope you will recognize we're taking this action to better protect your personal data.

At EA, we care about the safety of your personal information and while we're doing all we can do to keep your data secure, you can help as well; be sure to change your passwords at least a few times a year and consider using a unique password for all your important accounts.


I received this email from Origin at the same time:


Your Origin password has been successfully updated.

If you did not request this password change or believe you're receiving this email in error, please contact Origin Help for immediate assistance.

Your friends at Origin



I have changed my password now as instructed but I am unable to log back into the EA Sport page


When I input the same credentials it gives me this error :


Incorrect Email/Password Combination


When I follow the password reset instructions it takes me back to the Origin Password reset screen so basically I am stuck in a loop and have been since the 7th DEC. I have changed the password a couple of times and left it 24 hours before trying again to no avail. If someone could advise how to resolve this I would appreciate it.



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Re: EA/Origin force password reset now unable to log into FIFA 13 Webapp

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Hi stuy2k,


Please contact an EA Game Advisor:


You will need to log in with your Origin account (in your case, please just create a new account solely for the contact purposes) and choose "Product", "Category" and "Platform" to see all available contact options. You will then be able to explain the situation to the EA Game Advisor and they will be able to assist you.


Thank you,