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Complete Support - Origin

by EA_Nils

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Complete Support - Origin

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Welcome to the complete support page for Origin. Click on any of the below categories to find information about the problem that you are experiencing:

Important: contact support directly for any account or security related issues that require changes to your account.



 Linking and Moving Accounts


Linking a Console ID 

 Banned Account 


 Changing Account Information


 Delete EA Account  Minor Accounts 


 Billing & Purchasing


 Refunds and Cancellations



 Payment Issues



 Fraudulent Charges 



 Origin Payment Error Codes



 Order History and Status



 Credit Card Pre-authorization Charges 


 Where to Buy EA Games


 Great Game Guarantee






 Connection Troubleshooting 



 Advanced Connection  Troubleshooting - PC



 Advanced Connection  Troubleshooting - MAC

 Advanced Connection  Troubleshooting - Xbox


 Advanced Connection  Troubleshooting - PlayStation



 Open TCP and UDP Ports



 Online Login Unavailable



 Unable to Connect



Checking Server Status



 Customer Support 


 EA Help 



 Contact Support 





 Report Cheating



 Backup Games



 Install via Disc



 Clear Origin Cache


 Manually Uninstall Origin 

 Origin In-game 


 Origin Error Reporting 


 Change Language Settings 

 Conflicting Programs 


 Operating System not Supported 



 Great Game Guarantee


 Origin Errors


 Origin Won't Open or Launch


 MSVCP and MSVCR Issues



 Origin Mac



Missing Games and Expansions



Stuck Download or Installation





 Login Verification 



 Hacked Account 


 Reset Password 


 Setting a Security Question 


 Lost Security Question     Lost Authenticator 


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