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Can't install Origin

by irishdjali

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Can't install Origin

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Hey, I can't get Origin on my laptop. My laptop is a macbook pro with OS X Leopard. Does it need to be a newer version or something? It works fine on my desktop PC, but I want to be able to play when at school. Can anyone help? Standard smile

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Re: Can't install Origin

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Origin is not supported on Macs. Frown 


I hope EA will put a version of Origin out that is supported on Macs!

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Re: Can't install Origin

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I sometimes game on my macbook pro, but I use bootcamp to run windows 7. I will say that Windows 7 feels hella slow to startup now, but I don't think that's the HW's fault.


2.2 ghz i7 + amd 6750m can run a lot of EA games, but BF3 is like capped at low to medium. Bootcamp should already be on your mac, and this is the guide I used

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